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There are a few commands to utilize the MiniBoardgames plugin.

/games list will list the games available.

/games play will open the game option GUI.

New games can be created and added, so keep an eye out for updates!

Deity Gifts

You may Left Click with an Iron Ingot (you will lose the Ingot) to receive gifts from your Deity - the gifts vary between each Creed and you have a chance of receiving a Diamond. When asking for gifts - you must be in a Biome that is aligned with your Deity.

Planu Heath

To get to Planu Heath (spawn) and heart of Templehelm, you must left-click while holding an Emerald. This has a slight warm-up shown by the EXP bar, and you will appear in the Heath when it becomes full.

Magic & Abilities

See your spell list by typing the command /c list.

Find more info at Spells & Mana.

Mark and Recall

You can Left Click with a Compass to mark a location (Costs 1 compass) - and then Left Click with a Gold Ingot to Teleport to this location (Costs 1 Gold Ingot). You can only have one location set at a time. The Recall Spell has roughly a 30 second warm-up - and will be interrupted by damage or movement during the wait.

You can only Teleport if you are within 2000 Blocks from your Marked location - However it is possible to Travel further and more cheaply using Gold.


You can Pray with /pray <message>

This is used to get the attention of the deities.

Treasure Chests

Scattered around the server you may find Treasure Chests. These are chests that contain some very nice rewards that each player can only loot once.

Some Treasure chests will reward more than just items - some reward XP, Money, Potion Effects, Flying and much more.

You can use the command /tchest count to see how many Chests you have found. Or /tchest count <player> to see how many chests another player has found.


Use the command /ignore <player> - You will no longer see that players chat.

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