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Warning all information presented must be learned via book in game or from another who would be subject to this information. It can only be considered OOC use if you reference this in game aside from those sources.



The offspring of the first four races of the war tribes of Ademel, or "The Warriors" when translated. They are based off four base races Kelnok Dwaven, Elvan, the Telvany Gnomish. These races had all been ravished by war, children woman and the elderly when this tribe was started. They slept ate bled and trained for war every day and so did their children and their children's children this continued on for generation and caused the current day Ademic. Because of ages of war most have forgotten the arts of peace and muses of their peoples past, but some pass these arts on and a select few of them are known to doable in the arts of their peoples past.

Playful Arts

As to the arts of small crafts, music and writing, they are nearly lost to those of the Ademic. Music is considered as bad as prostitution in any other land a option but you will be widely disliked for such a deed, it is frowned upon with great hatred because all words have a deeper meaning in Ademire. At this note their is also a lesser of meaning behind physical contact as in the rest of the world, if two of Ademic heritage wish to "take care of their urges" themselves so be it, of course diseases and strangers are impossible as Ademic only breed with other Ademic. Brewing and some other crafting skills are possessed in certain tribes but most crafts are that of war.

The Reds

Preface: a brief description of what The Reds are.

In order to tell any of these tales we must first explain what The Reds are in the literal sense, and metaphorical sense. Long long ago, my people had been exiled from their homelands for various reason and found a common ground, many of them had been purebloods from the near lands and warring tribes nearby what would be called Ademire. These racial purebloods mainly had been the following races: Dwarves, Elvan, Human, Renokin. The dwarves in the area had lighter blonde hair and blue eyes, they mined like most and had underground cities, but also spent much time above ground. The Elvan, are a dark spirit like race known to the forest they are long slender beings who stalk travelers in the woods but had long pointed ears hence the name. The humans are your standard fair hair and skinned green eyed men of the hills of course they had a formal name at one point but it is lost in time as they became absorbed by the ademic upon the growth of the tribes. Finally but not the least of the four is the Renokin, an odd green and blue skinned race akin to the Orcish in other lands with the lack of beastlike teeth of course.

Now on to a brief overview of the inter-factions of the Ademic people. The first faction to sprout up was the Teronak Statesmen this was the agreed beginning group that helped them keep their independence from the standard tribes. As this faction fell three others sprung up, the first being that of Ironfist the militaristic tribes of warring hotheads their people mainly had been dwarven blooded and so in our current age it is roughly half blooded dwarven in their bloodlines They are the most technological of the three. The Redscar as they are called are the second well hidden, they strive to be quick silent sly and manipulative out of the three these are the most manipulative and sly. Then there is the final tribe of “Peaceful” people in the Spinning Leaf Blade, they are more monk like martial artist of odd temperance.

It is time to speak on the most important topic of all, what the reds actually are. Among the Clans of people their strongest and smartest earn a special rite, it is the honor of wearing the mercenary uniform of the people and traveling abroad sending funds legendary loot and great finds back to their home tribe for glory and honor. Unlike in most societies being a mercenary in Ademire or from Ademire is a great honor bestowed upon the greatest warriors, scholars, and tacticians. It consists of an Ancient Red Leather Armor; usually the harnessing is fitted to size on the honored person so as to not cause any problems in the field. A ceremonial blade is attached on the back of an Iron Fist; instead a Leaf blade may have a sacred arrow or an effigy doll depending on their sub path among the people, little is known of the rituals of the Redscar it is thought they carry an ancient skeleton key instead but this may be but an assumption as this is unconfirmed. The leather is drake-skin tanned to perfection and the harnessing is metal chain link forged from flexible Terolite a rare substance found under the lands of Ademire, the most important part of the armor is the crest on the belt; it is crafted into a shape or heraldry of a Patron-God of the Wearers path or purpose. The leather color seal could be any number of things the sealant colors is usually a distracting color related to one’s purpose or calling as well, but the base color red always shines through, some Reds have seen so many different paths that they now are rainbow colored with a red glow beneath. Now onto the weapon, within the halls of the tribe elder there is an armory beset with the legendary weapons of fallen warriors. When a Wearer is chosen they walk upon the room close their eyes and are spun about seven times, they then walk towards the area in front of them, the first weapon they touch is destine to be their Soulbound if the training was done correctly the Ademic will naturally gravitate towards a weapon that has a heat beset it to an inferno. Some weapons have so many attachments and contraptions from former owners they are called “The Communal” these weapons as is tradition with all have a single attachment from each owner it has ever had, if to many owners have died with it in hand it is seen as a Blade Of Misfortune, and sometimes that is the perfect choice for a legendary warrior in training as these blades have the most power to them in the grand scheme of things. When a wearer of the reds dies their soul is thought to be put into the weapon they died wielding giving it power, of course if this is true many weak souls does not make a strong one.

The dead of the Ademic do not receive burials unless they are a great warrior who fought till age took him in a battle for the homeland, the Ademic have no standing army but a battalion of legendary warriors converging on one point to protect their home can flank an enemy easily. - Taken from The New Testament of the Lethani Templehelm Chapter.

The Lethanis and Sympathetic Magic

The basic of all martial prowess in the lands is the daily stretches and disciplinary Exercise called The Lethanis. It is seen as a daily exercise to stretch one’s mind and body to the limit, as a result it is standard to push one’s self to a limit until it is no longer such each day. The actual method of doing the Lethanis is secret not one out-lander has ever gained the honor of learning from the Ademic, it is seen as odd but useful for some Ademic who know other forms of magic aka Sympathetic Magics in the next Text.

For a brief introduction I will give you the theory of process and how Sympathetic magics work in the following quote. “If we analyze the principles of thought on which magic is based, they will probably be found to resolve themselves into two: first, that like produces like, or that an effect resembles its cause; and, second, that things which have once been in contact with each other continue to act on each other at a distance after the physical contact has been severed. The former principle may be called the Law of Similarity, the latter the Law of Contact or Contagion. From the first of these principles, namely the Law of Similarity, the magician infers that he can produce any effect he desires merely by imitating it: from the second he infers that whatever he does to a material object will affect equally the person with whom the object was once in contact, whether it formed part of his body or not.” –Francis Zejor the mind behind the processes of Sympathetic magics was a man allowed to walk among the Ademic lands for many years, as a result many Ademic have learned the basics of Sympathetic magic.


There is mystery around this race and more is found out of them over time. We discover more from strange tomes and tales that pass on the wind, more is found of them each day and their may be these entity already in the lands.

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