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Turbulent Deity of the Rivers and Seas

Followers of Akwal are seafaring and skilled at fishing - These people have been granted the ability of breathing under water in return for their faith in Akwal.

To become a Follower of Akwal - visit the Akwal Temple in the Southern part of the map [1]


Water Walking

All Akwal Followers have the "WaterWalk" Spell. Can cast with Bind or Command. Costs 2 Mana per block walked - Automatically ends after 30 seconds.


Use a Raw Fish to swim faster.

Swim - Speed Burst through water.

PowerStroke - Double Speed Burst through water. (10 Mana)

Bang Fish

The "Pramius-minpiscius", better known as the "Bang Fish" - is a rare species of Pufferfish that is seldom seen in the waters around Templehelm - This rarity is due to the fishes ability to self-destruct when threatened. They say that when you feel a nibble on your line, but fail to reel in the catch, you just killed a Bang Fish. The Akwal have the uncanny ability to catch these fish intact. The fish feels comfortable with the Akwal, giving the Akwal the ability to throw this fish, the fish will then explode on impact.

Special MCMMO abilities

Fishermen's Diet

Increases hunger regeneration by 1 every 200 levels.

Treasure Hunter

A chance to find extra items in addition to the fish when reeled in. Chance and quality of items increase as Fishing skill is levelled up. At higher levels, you can even pull in enchanted items.

Magic Hunter

Allows for the possibility of Enchanted Items to be obtained from Treasure Hunter ability.

Shake - Active

From Fishing Skill level 150 onwards, You will be able to shake items loose from mobs by hooking them with the fishing pole. It is also possible to obtain mob skulls this way.

XP Boost

Gain more XP when catching Fish

Choice Spells

Extinguish - Extinguish yourself when on fire. (30 Mana)

Bless Water - Turns a Bottle of Water into a Potion of Healing. (Realm)

Akwal Archers | Arcane Archers

Recipes available here: http://wiki.crimsoningot.net/index.php?title=More_Recipes#Bows

Channel Bow - Drains the targets life - and gives it to the Archer.

Volley Bow - A few arrows follow any arrow shot from this bow.

Sodden Bow - Causes the Target to drop their weapon.

Akwal Mages | Hydromancer

Geyser - A Geyser of water lifts your target into the air. (20 Mana) (Dominion)

Drown - Target is silenced and takes 2 hits of damage for a short time. (40 Mana) (Dominion)

Osmosis - Takes Experience from Target and gives it to the Caster as Mana. (50 Mana) (Dominion)

Fissures - Living things near the targeted area are hit with Geysers. (60 Mana) (Dominion)

Artesian - A double strength Geyser. (60 Mana) (Dominion)

Drain - Take the targets health and heal yourself. (80 Mana) (Dominion)

Downpour - Summons a rain cloud that will slow, nauseate and weaken those who enter it. (100 Mana) (Acquired) (Dominion)


The raiders had burned down their homes.

The raiders had salted their land.

The raiders had chained all survivors and led them away; sent off to whatever fate that lay in wait.

The villagers marched for hours.

The villagers suffered beneath the whip.

The villagers endured these in silence; not a whisper escaped their lips.

Great Akwal took note of their misery.

Great Akwal took pity on them.

Great Akwal took his mighty staff; now rain fell down to the .

A river, there never was.

A river, that had yet to form.

A river, that would not arise from the rain was answered with Geysers from the floor.

A river, which had never been now sprang up to take form.

The raiders looked on in panic.

The raiders were completely confused.

The raiders soon became raiders no more; water was their final breath.

The villagers watched on in silence.

The villagers knew that their eternal rest had come.

The villagers swam to the shore, surprised, when the river had only broken their bonds.

Mighty Akwal sat upon his throne.

Mighty Akwal blessed them again.

Mighty Akwal sent them a feast of fish, and the villagers were at peace.

This tale, I shall finish telling now.

This tale, however, lacks an ending.

This tale of the mighty Akwal, is one that you can keep writing.

-The Poet Sinna, follower of Akwal.

- by barragehpms

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