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Alchemy is the art of altering the internal elements of an object to create another through the process of super-heating materials with a blaze rod, and proceeding to combine materials and combine them with a common bonding material (water). No other heated item has been known to be able to produce these results other than the blaze rod, possibly due to a certain magical spell locked within them. For example, with Alchemy it is possible to convert the entirety of a spider eye, rather than a fraction of it, into pure poison. The same applies to carrot's abundance of Vitamin C, converting the entire carrot into an eyesight sharpening super vitamin. Gold is often used to amplify these characteristics, being used as added material to alter. The application and use of Brewing Stations is not simple for those who have not studied the topic or for those who are not adept altering magical fields. Alchemy is considered a black magic by many because it relies on the magical power of Netharnian creatures.

Potion Additions

Often times, brewers will use special dusts and chemicals to make them last longer, and hit harder. There's even a forumla that can corrupt a potion. Gunpowder is used in splash potions simply for the fact that it explodes when it hits the ground, dispersing the bottle's contents.

Potions can become corrupted if the correct amounts of mushroom dust, sugar, and spider poison are added to a mix due to an alchemical phenomenon discovered by Witches of the Far East. Such an effect reverses the usual effect of a potion, making it do the opposite of its intended use. The reason behind this is unknown except to the Witches who discovered it.

To lengthen the powers of a potion, Redstone dust is required. Redstone dust charges the potion's contents, often times making it bubble, to push the particles and solvents of the liquid away from eachother, allowing for the highest amount of lengthening with the shortest loss of effect.

Often times, brewers will want to increase the intensity of their potion with Glowstone Dust. Glowstone dust, basically, does the exact opposite of Redstone Dust, pushing the particles closer together so that they may have a more potent, powerful effect. Glowstone Dust used in potions also tends to make them glow or shimmer when in dim light. Such an effect is often used by brewers to measure the intensity of potions.

Uses in History (Lore)

Kaxopilla, an unknown potion used in conjunction with dark magic chants created a slime person.

Far_Lander A man drank a potion made with the blood squeezed from the heart of his true love, a tear from his father after an act of true betrayal(killing his wife), and a poison bought from a demon that he sold his child's soul to. With the aid of a group of necromancers he ascended into lichdom after the potion corrupted his soul and killed him.

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Different Types of Potions

Potion of NightVision

Description: A bright blue, metallic liquid that is opaque. It tastes like silver, and is odorless. Effects: Causes both blood to rush to the eyes and vitamin C to be released in massive quantities, allowing the user to see in the dark for extended periods of time.

Potion of Fire Resistance

Description: A dark orange, gooey liquid that is slightly translucent. It is warm to the touch, tastes and smells of tangerines. Effects: It causes the user's body heat to rise to extreme temperatures, and quickly adapts the body around those temperatures, allowing the user to swim freely in any body of lava or fire.

Potion of Slowness

Description: A dull grey-blue liquid that is barely translucent. It tastes fruity and sweet and smells similar. Effects: It tenses the muscles in the body, wearing them out in seconds and giving the user or target a sinking, heavy feeling to the legs.

Potion of Swiftness

Description: A dull cyan, sugary liquid that is barely translucent. It tastes and smells of sugar. Effects: Causes the body to shake and rattle due to energy being released, giving the user the irresistible urge to burn off the energy as quick as possible by running.

Potion of Healing

Description: A bright red, metallic liquid that is slightly translucent. It tastes and smells of cherries. Effects: Causes extremely quick cellular reproduction in any part of the body, healing wounds right before the user's eyes.

Potion of Harming

Description: A black, sticky goo that is opaque, and bubbles often. Its taste has never been discovered and it is odourless. Effects: This gooey concoction is an acidic compound that eats through anything in a matter of milliseconds. Thus, it can kill anything it touches.

Potion of Poison

Description: A vicious, dull green liquid that is barely translucent. It's taste and smell can only be described as awful. Effects: A concentrated potion of spider poison, this potion causes paralysis of the brain in small pulses, causing serious damage over time.

Potion of Regeneration

Description: A bright pink liquid that seems to occasionally move on its own. It tastes sour and smells awful. It's been reported that people with regeneration potions hear voices and screams. Effects: The soul of a ghast is magically inserted into your own body, being eaten up for the sole purpose of regenerating your wounds.

Potion of Strength

Description: A syrupy red liquid with a very strong smell of pepper, it goes down the throat with a strong burning sensation. Effects: It causes nerves to send a message of stress to the brain creating an adrenaline rush.

Potion of Water Breathing

Description: A translucent, blue liquid with an oil-like taste and smell. Effects: If water is allowed entry into the lungs it will take the oxygen from the water and dissolve the rest allowing breathing to take place under water.

Potion of Leaping

Description: Made from the feet of a jumping creature such as a rabbit or a frog, its tastes varies depending on the creature used. Rabbit feet are a common choice and thus the taste is similar to that of rabbit meat, but with a syrupy texture and a bloody after taste. Effects: Strengthens the muscles in your legs allowing for better jump height.

Potion of Weakness

Description: Made from spider eyes that have been allowed to ferment, it tastes stale like crackers that have been left out for a week. Its color is a dull grey. Effects: Exhausts the person who drinks it to the point of not even wanting to move their arms.

Potion of Haste

Description: A bright yellow liquid that sparkles like gold in the sunlight. It tastes and smells strongly of tropical fruit. Effects: Releases energy into the blood stream, allowing for the body to hit faster while it tries to burn up all the extra energy.

Potion of Dullness

Description: A liquid that looks like sand that has water added to it. It's a sludgy opaque mud that slithers down the throat horribly that smells of mildew and tastes like swamp water. Effects: Causes the drinker's elbows to temporarily solidify, preventing movement of the lower arm.

Potion of Nausea

Description: A purple liquid originally discovered by the Mycelyites. It stinks of decay and tastes as if it were mold. Effects: Sudden nausea is induced on the drinker and thus all the symptoms of it: Headache, vomiting, motion sickness, etc.

Potion of Resistance

Description: A barely translucent mahogany-colored syrup. It smells and tastes of rotten apples. Effects: Causes the drinker's skin cells to harden into a leather-like form helping to reduce the effectiveness of cuts and other injuries.

Potion of Blindness

Description: An inky black liquid that is opaque and smells and tastes of ink. Effects: The liquid enters the blood stream and rushes to the eyes, hindering the ability to see until the body expels it.

Potion of Hunger

Description: Effects:

Potion of Wither

Description: Effects:

Potion of Health Boost

Description: Effects:

Potion of Absorption

Description: Effects:

Potion of Saturation

Description: Effects:

Rare or Uncommon Potions

Potion of Invisibility

Description: A grey, metallic liquid that is translucent. It tastes like silver and smells of rotten meat. Effects: Causes a magical barrier around the user to bend light and diffuse it so that the user may appear invisible. However, new generation potions have missed an important brewing step only known by Eastern Witches, and the potions disappear rather than the user.

Potion of Plague

Description: Effects:

Potion of Evil

Description: The exact recipe is unknown. The same elixir has been made in a variety of ways none of which were acts of good and only of pure evil. An almost black shade of red, its taste is unknown and its smell is of burning sulphur. Effects: The soul of the drinker is turned pure black from the acts of evil it took to make this potion. The punishment on the soul is cruel it hurts physically, emotionally, and mentally.

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