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The antithesis to a Demon.

Angels are generally considered godlike, winged humanoids that enact divine instruction with supernatural powers. However, there are many angelic beings that are not necessarily related to one another.

Heavenly Angels

They are Angels that come from Divine realm, situated metaphysically and metaphorically above everything. They serve the will of their creator deities, and manifest in Ateon to enact this will. They are divine beings that are the opposite of Demons. They may have mortal forms at times.

The rare child of a mortal and an Angel is called a Nephilim.

Fincayran Angels

The Fincayran Angels are said to be men crafted from birds by an ancient goddess. Their home island floats outside of time, within a pocket of the Void.

Order Paladins

Paladins of the Order of the Sky are given feathered wings by Zelphair. This is their highest honour. They act as inquisitors of the faith, crusading in Zelphair's name.

Dark Angels

The oath-bound knights of Susurrus are a deviation of the angelic archetype. These warriors embody an umbral aesthetic, which is viewed as a Demonic force rather than the bright, celestial force of the divines. They appear to be humanoids dressed in dark-silver armour, with wings that are made of or connected to the black cloth that cloaks their shoulders. Sometimes they drop ethereal black feathers.

Though fluent in the Common Tongue, their speech is masked by the Void. They write in braille due to perceived blindness.

Rendering of a Dark-winged Knight with two Dark Swords.

Known Angels

Seraphina Gravrenwir

Nairu Tier 1-Respect: Alkiblue

Fjorn Tier 2-Enlightenment: Alyara

Morgan Sunwalker Fincayran Angel: masterbuilderone

Eledehn and Sehn Dark Angels of Susurrus

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