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The Arcanists of Templehelm have refined the power of the arcane arts, defensive, and survivalist magic - necessities needed to live in a cruel place such as Templehelm full of merciless people.


Arcanist Equipment

Leather Gold Chainmail Iron Diamond
Armour Yes No Yes No No





Sword Yes Yes No Yes No

Arcanist Features

- 45 Health

- 200 Mana

- Proficiency in practices of magic.

- Can use Brewing Stands.

Creed Spells

Zelphair - Tornado - Conjure a Tornado that lifts up anyone that gets in it's way. (100 Mana)

Wintival - Frost - Conjure a Frost that freezes anyone that strays too close. (100 Mana)

Netharna - Inferno - Conjure an Inferno that burns anyone that strays too close. (100 Mana)

Akwal - Deluge - Conjure a Deluge that drowns (Harms) anyone that strays too close. (100 Mana)

Deserma - Brilliance - Conjure a brightness that Blinds and Hazes anyone that strays too close. (100 Mana)

Cavilon - Vicious Mist - Conjure a mist that Poisons anyone that strays into it. (100 Mana)

Wildaven - Snare Seeds - Conjure a sprinkling of Snare Seeds that will devour anyone that strays too close. (100 Mana)


Flare - Sends an impressive array of fireworks into the sky. (25 Mana)

Startle - Startle those around you - the shock can cause some pain to the ears. (50 Mana)

Riches - Drop fake precious gems - and escape while your foe try to collect them. (50 Mana)

Barrier - Creates a wall of mana in front of the caster for a short time. (50 Mana)

Forcefield - Creates a dome of mana around the caster for a short time. (50 Mana)

Mesmerise - A cloud of pretty colours mesmerises those straying too close. (50 Mana)

Growl - Growl like a Dragon. (75 Mana)

Hysteria - Make those around you have hazy vision. Great for escapes. (75 Mana)

Dream - The target goes into a dream state for a short time, leaving the battlefield then returns. (100 Mana)

Summon - Conjurers can summon a player to their location by using the spell command /c summon <playername> (1 Redstone Dust and 100 Mana) This will send a request to a player to teleport directly to you. They can accept the summon by typing /accept

Telemark - Set your Telemark location by slapping a clock on the ground. (1 Clock)

Portal - Create a Portal that leads to the location of your Telemark Spell that others can pass back and forth between. (100 Mana, 1 Gold Ingot, 1 Redstone Dust)

Whimsy - A random Targeted spell is conjured (150 Mana) (Acquired)

Choice Spells

Armour - Conjure magical leather armour for a short time. (50 Mana, 1 Leather, 1 Redstone Dust)

Build - Build from a distance of 30 Blocks. (5 Mana per block)

Timecurse - Curse the target to forever see day or night. This curse can only be healed by an Illusionist or a Healer. (1 Arcane Scroll, see recipe below.)

Custom Recipes

Timecurse.JPG Two lingering potions of Night Vision will be needed for this recipe.

Special Abilities

Mana Booster (Mage and Healer also have this.)

Increases your mana to 350 and increases its regeneration rate to 10.

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