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Archers are the skilled bowman of the land - they are not only proficient in the use of their weapon - causing more damage, they also carry with them special arrows that can have devastating effects on their targets.


Archer Equipment

Leather Gold Chainmail Iron Diamond
Armour Yes No No No No





Sword Yes Yes No Yes No

Archer Features

- 55 Health

- 100 Mana

- Special Bows

- Improve Archery abilities over time.

- More damage dealt with Normal Arrows

- A chance to Recover your arrows from victims

- A chance to Daze someone hit with your arrow.

- Double the arrows and Special Bow can be crafted.

Special MCMMO Abilities


Chance to force your target to look at the sky, unable to attack, and deals some extra damage. Chance rate increases as you level up the Archery Skill.

Bonus Damage

Arrow damage increase by 10% for every 50 Archery Skill levels, to a maximum of 200% bonus archery damage.

Special Crafting

Archers can craft a Power I bow by turning the Bow recipe sideways (String at the bottom).

Archer can craft Arrows sideways to get 8 Arrows.

Passive Abilites

Adrenaline - A slight chance of regenerating health and gaining night vision after shooting an Arrow.

Awareness - A slight chance of resisting damage after shooting an Arrow.


Snipe - Snipe your target.

Lockdown - Plants a trap in the area. If another player enters its range, an alarming noise will sound.

Special Bows

Each Creed can craft various Special Bows, which can be used by an Archer of that Creed - Recipes available here:

Creedless Archer

Volley Bow - Releases a volley of 3 arrows at your target.

Akwal Archer

Channel Bow - Drains the targets life - and gives it to the Archer.

Drench Bow - Drenches your enemy with water to give them a high dose of slowness.

Cavilon Archer

Web Bow - Trap the target in a cave-spider web.

Venom Bow - Poisons the target.

Elusion Bow - Target will not be able to break blocks for a short time.

Deserma Archer

Barren Bow - Causes Hunger in the target.

Swelter Bow - Causes Slowness and Weakens in the target.

Netharna Archer

Heat Bow - Burns anyone standing near were this arrow lands.

Explosive Bow - Injures anyone standing near were this arrow explodes upon landing.

Wildaven Archer

Birch Bow - Makes the Target more Hungry and feeds you.

Spruce Bow - Takes Mana from the Target and Gives you Health.

Oak Bow - Entombs the Target in Oak Leaves.

Wintival Archer

Freeze Bow - Freezes the Target.

Ice Bow - Causes Slowness and Weakens in the Target.

Hail Bow - Causes damage to any entity standing near where the arrow lands.

Zelphair Archer

Tether Bow - Prevents the Target from normal jumping. (And causes them damage when they attempt to.)

Switch Bow - Swap places with the Target.

Gust Bow - A violent gust of wind damages Entities.

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