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Crimson Ingot uses area chat - you will by default always speak at a range of 50 blocks.

There are different chat ranges, and you can either join them to talk to them defaultly or use a short command to chat in that range without leaving your current chat range.

With /ch ### you can join that chat and subsequently chat without having to type the command.

With /### your sentence here you speak in that chat without leaving your current one.

You can hear all chat ranges by default unless you do /leave ### If you have left a chat but want to hear and chat in it again, use /join ###

The chat ranges are:

5 - the Whisper Chat 15 - conversational tone / inside voices 50 - default / shouting / outside voices 100 - shouting loudly / loud noises etc 200 - very very loud 300 - very so loud / a Dragon's booming voice

OOC Channel

You can join the Out-of-Character channel by first joining with /join ooc - You will need to do this each login.

You can then talk in the OOC Channel by typing /ooc at the start of your message.

RP is not allowed in the OOC Channel.

Emote & Action

Emote and Action mean the same thing, use these for talking in the 3rd person during RP.

Use the command /me to emote. This works in whatever chat radius you have assigned as your default using /ch ###. Someone in /ch 15 will /me with a radius of 15, and so forth.

Use the Command /a for Action. This is global. Use sparingly.


If the player "Oreborn" uses the following commands:

/me drinks another Ale. It will appear to all within 50 blocks as "Oreborn drink another Ale." (And is Free to use)


/a drinks another Ale. Will appear to all on the server as "Oreborn drink another Ale."

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