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The Kingdom of Aren is a limited, democratic monarchy founded on the Akwhelsh Faith and rooted in isolationist, independent ideals.


Motto: - The Chosen People of Akwal

Creeds: - Akwal; Multifaith

Faction Capital: - Aren'e-kel

Leader: - Jason Reilev, Champion of Akwal

Location: - The entirety of the Tranquil Sea and its coasts, minus Thyvor's peninsula and Syzar's Isle.

Settlements: - Aren'e-kel, Dubiety, Whitecrest

Demonym: - Arenin

Population: - 18 Players - 400-600 NPCs

Allies: - N/A

Enemies: - N/A

Status: - Active; Selective Recruitment



The Kingdom of Aren was officially founded on the 3rd Wintival of the 11th Emerald Spider-Slime and has since stood as a beacon of peace, faith, knowledge, and prosperity.


Though the Kingdom of Aren was only officially founded on the 3rd Wintival of the 11th Spider-Slime, its history is deeply rooted in the prior Kingdoms of Whitecrest and Tranquility, thus it should be examined in a context that includes both the histories of the other two and the period of time in which those two prior kingdoms transitioned into the Kingdom of Aren.


The Kingdom of Aren was created through the creation of Kade Zad Vi Ket a declaration that included the foundations of Aren's government. This had been drafted by Jason Reilev, Zyten Veirous, Redmond Bloodstone, Ekgnujya, and Ulysses Maxim. Of course this was only the technical creation of the Kingdom. Many would argue that the people and lands of Aren have been united under a similar culture and heritage ever since the alliance of the Kingdoms of Whitecrest and Tranquility and the birth of the Accordance.


Aren'e-kel, or 'The Stubborn City' is the capital city of the Kingdom of Aren. It holds the bulk of the Kingdom's population, and it was the first locality under Arenian control, despite being the youngest of Aren's holdings.


After Whitecrest fell during the 11th Grass Spider-Slime those who'd escaped the devastation at the hands of the Cult were scattered across the White Coast and the Tranquil Sea. Many fled to the scattered remnants of Tranquility's once great peoples, while others turned to simple fishing and trading along the Tranquil coasts. Jason Reilev, the 3rd King of Whitecrest, had named Boldric, his Guard Captain, the 4th King of Whitecrest and left the city just weeks before the Cult moved in and laid siege. During this time Jason had laid the simple foundations of an isolated estate south of Syzar's Isle and on the coasts of the Tranquil where he could practice his faith in isolation and avoid the troubles of 'the mainland'. It wasn't long, however, before scores of his former subjects, scattered Akwals, and various other refugees began to gather around his home, setting up camps and constructing homes. Reluctantly, Jason Reilev once more took on the mantle of leadership, guiding his new followers in the faith of the seas and expanding their home to house and protect all who might need it.


Aren, like the vast majority of nations in Templehelm and across Templehelm, seats a monarchy, though with some democratic, theocratic, and meritocratic systems mixed in as well.

The Court of Aren

The legislative house of the Kingdom of Aren is known as the Court of Aren. It consists of three elected 'Lords', the monarch, and any number of appointed advisory positions. Any within the Kingdom may propose legislation; a sitting member of the Court must only bring in a prepared draft for discussion, while other citizens must work within a petition system or have a sitting member represent them.

The primary job of the Court is to handle the creation and management of various local systems to assist Aren's citizens and the protect Aren's lands, however, it can technically pass 'legislation' on anything from war declarations to official pardons.

When legislation is proposed the Court holds a meeting to discuss it, amend it, and eventually vote on it. Each Lord holds one vote, while the monarch holds two. A simple majority of three votes is required to pass any legislation.

The Monarchy

The Monarch of Aren is the face of the Kingdom. They own the lands of Aren and the treasury of Aren is their personal wealth. Their primary role is to manage foreign relations, direction of the military, and the various government programs of the Kingdom. Of course the Monarch also holds weight within the Court of Aren and is thus a large part of the legislative process as well.









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