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The Aurites are said to be one of the oldest civilizations in Templehelm. Like the Húmari, they were known to be nigh-godless by the Setlians that settled Templehelm after the humans' mass migration from Kilvaro on the Setlian Sea. Their faith and piety was instead fueled into themselves, and through sheer willpower did the Aurites reach a form of divinity on their own, with each Aurite like his or her own demigod. As they believed the Sun was a source of great power, they chose the Sun as the symbol for their people, and strove to as brilliant as the Sun.

When the Setlians brought Planu to Templehelm, the teamed with the Apothic Knights to commit a genocide against the Aurites with the power of their own gods, Planu and Zeolix. The last stand of the Aurites was at the Swallowing Sands, leaving only Celsun alive, mourning his people.

Aurites structures are buried beneath the earth, but as Templehelm goes through changes at the hands of the Deiotakas, places such as their old libraries have resurfaced, seeking the Sun.

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