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On the Crimson Ingot Forum, members can collect Badges and gain Points for various things.

Badges show certain actions and Points can be spent on packages in the Donate or Point Stores.

Some Badges come with points and other points are collected by other means - listed at the bottom of the page.


Forum Ranks


Forum I

20 Threads Started (At Least 10 in Creative Section)

200 Posts (200 Likes)


Forum II

40 Threads Started (At Least 20 in Creative Section)

400 Posts (400 Likes)


Forum III

60 Threads Started (At Least 30 in Creative Section)

600 Posts (600 Likes)


Forum IV

80 Threads Started (At Least 40 in Creative Section)

800 Posts (800 Likes)


Forum V

100 Threads Started (At Least 50 in Creative Section)

1000 Posts (1000 Likes)


Forum VI

120 Threads Started (At Least 60 in Creative Section)

1200 Posts (1200 Likes)


Forum VII

140 Threads Started (At Least 70 in Creative Section)

1400 Posts (1400 Likes)


Forum VIII

160 Threads Started (At Least 80 in Creative Section)

1600 Posts (1600 Likes)


Forum IX

180 Threads Started (At Least 90 in Creative Section)

1800 Posts (1800 Likes)


Forum X

200 Threads Started (At Least 100 in Creative Section)

2000 Posts (2000 Likes)

  • Flaming Name*

Hot Poster

Has made 40 posts or created 10 Threads in the last 2 Days.



Has not visited the website or made a post in 15 days. (Takes 2 days to wear off - even after making a post or visiting the website)

Skill Badges

These badges are awarded for reaching the highest respective Skill on the Stats Page ladder.

All players that reach the highest skill level on the ladder get a badge and keep it forever.

These badges are not added automatically - Anyone wishing to add a badge will need to contact Crimson Ingot by PM if they reach the top spot in the relevant Skill.

These Badges only appear on the Profile Page. Those with these Badges are able to Train other Players in-game with the Teach Spell

acrobatics.png Master Acrobat - 1000 Points Has reached the top of the Acrobat Skill.

axes.png Master of Axes - 1000 Points Has reached the top of the Axes Skill.

swords.png Master of Swords - 1000 Points Has reached the top of the Swords Skill.

archery.png Master Archer - 1000 Points Has reached the top of the Archer Skill.

excavation.png Master of Excavation - 1000 Points Has reached the top of the Excavation Skill.

herbalism.png Master of Herbalism - 1000 Points Has reached the top of the Herbalism Skill.

fishing.png Master Angler - 1000 Points Has reached the top of the Fishing Skill.

repair.png Master of Repair - 1000 Points Has reached the top of the Repair Skill.

woodcutting.png Master Woodcutter - 1000 Points Has reached the top of the Woodcutting Skill.

mining.png Master of Mining - 1000 Points Has reached the top of the Mining Skill.

taming.png Master of Taming - 1000 Points Has reached the top of the Taming Skill.

Endurance Badges

These badges are added based on the length of time a player has held membership at Crimson Ingot.

Egg.png New Member Expires after 7 Days.

0.png 10 - 20 Days

1.png 20 - 30 Days

2.png 30 - 40 Days

3.png 40 - 50 Days

4.png 50 - 60 Days

5.png 60 - 70 Days

6.png 70 - 80 Days

7.png 80 - 90 Days

8.png 90 - 100 Days

9.png 100 - 120 Days

327755.png 120 - 140 Days

11.png 140 - 160 Days

12.png 160 - 180 Days

13.png 180 - 200 Days

14.png 200 - 230 Days

15.png 230 - 260 Days

16.png 260 - 290 Days

17.png 290 - 320 Days

18.png 320 - 365 Days

327764.png Member for over a year

19.png Member for over two years

1945689.png Member for over three years

1945664.png Member for over four years

Other Badges


1000 Points Each:

1000th member - (Awarded to lobartolini)

2000th member - (Awarded to jiue21)

3000th member - (Awrded to dichotoPangea)

4000th member - (Awrded to GuardianNyla)


Active Voter - 250 Points

Awarded to the top voter or voters (if tied) for last week.


Top Voter - 3000 Points

Awarded to whoever votes for the server the most last month.

Staff Badges


Forum Moderator

487470.png 487471.png 499429.png 603722.png 883636.png

Internal Staff Badges

Other Points

Vote for the Server - 2 Points per vote (5 bonus Points for voting on all sites in a day.)

1st Place Top Monthly Voter - 3000 Points

2nd Place Top Monthly Voter - 2000 Points

3rd Place Top Monthly Voter - 1000 Points

Top Weekly Voter - 250 Points

Points per Like - 1 Point

Points per Post - 2 Points PLUS Bonus 2 points for each Forum Rank achieved. (12 Points per Post is possible)

Points per Thread Creation - 5 PLUS Bonus 5 points for each Forum Rank achieved. (35 Points per Thread is possible)

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