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Berserkers are the brute-force fighters of the land. The Axe is their primary weapon.


Berserker Equipment

Leather Gold Chainmail Iron Diamond
Armour Yes No Yes Yes Yes

Wood Stone Gold Iron Diamond
Sword Yes Yes No Yes No

Berserker Features

- 70 Health

- 100 Mana

- Wear the Heaviest Armour and wield the Strongest Axes.

- Axes Skill - Fight with Axes and activate special abilities.

Berserker Abilities

Taunt - Say "raaah" to force nearby monsters to attack you.

Pillar - For a short time you cannot move, use commands/spells, but take no melee damage. (50 Mana)

Bash - Knock your opponent back and cause them harm. (50 Mana)

Overwhelm - Gives strength 6 and mining fatigue 4 for 15 seconds. (75 mana) 1 minute cooldown.

Passive Abilities

When taking melee or arrow damage, you have a slight chance of automatically activating:

Brute - Reduces incoming damage for a short time.

Rage - Taking Damage will give you a slight chance of gaining Strength.

Special MCMMO Abilities

Axes - Critical Strikes

For every Axe Skill level you gain .1% chance to deal a Critical Strike. Causing double damage to opponents (or only 50% more damage in pvp). This skill caps out at 75% chance, or 750 skill level.

Axes - Impact Armour

Does 1 extra damage every 30 Axes Skill levels to a targets armour.

Does 1 extra damage every 50 Axes Skill levels to a target's health that is wearing armour. Capped at 4 extra damage.

Axes - Greater Impact

There is a 25% chance to achieve a greater impact.

It has an extreme knockback effect equal to knockback II. In addition, it deals extra damage to unarmored enemies.

Axes - Skull Splitter

Right click to ready your axe, then strike a mob or player to activate Skull Splitter. This will strike everyone in the radius of the user dealing damage based on your Axes Skill level.

Unarmed - Berserk

Increases unarmed damage by 50%. Higher levels do not increase this bonus, but increases its duration by 1 second every 50 levels. Its base duration is of 2 seconds. To activate this skill, right-click with the mouse while unarmed. While active weak blocks like dirt can be broken with the fist and stone bricks are cracked. During berserk items can't be picked up.

Unarmed - Arrow Deflect

Causes arrows that strike the player to harmlessly fall to the floor.

Arrow Deflect chance increases with 0.05% per level and caps at 50% at level 1000, but your unarmed level can go above 1000.

Unarmed - Iron Grip

Allows you to perform a counter chance against an opponent's disarm to make his disarm unsuccessful. This chance increases by .1% every level. It is unknown if your Iron Grip chance can increase past level 1000 or if you are able to obtain a 100% chance.

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