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All types of books and maps can be placed into Bookshelves!

To open a Bookshelf right-click it with your bare hands. Bookshelves can be used to store books, book and quills, and written books.

IMPORTANT! Before placing a book into a bookshelf, make sure you copy it.

This is because:

1. The permanency of books in BookShelves cannot be guaranteed.

2. Books can be stolen - so make a copy and put it somewhere safe before putting a book in a Bookshelf!

= Advanced Book Usage

/book unlock - Unlock a book that has been locked/signed. This will allow you to edit the content again.

/book lock - Lock a book and keep your previous title and author. This command is usually used on “unlocked” books to avoid having to retype the book title.

/book clear - Clearing a book will turn it into a normal book and quill. The title, author and content will be completely removed.

/book title <title> - Set a new title for the book. You can use color codes in the title if you want to.

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