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The Brink of Death is a 5-stage death mechanic. Each death can be viewed from an in-character perspective as an injury, whether it be broken bones, a cold, or another type of illness.

If you mechanically die five times, you will be on the Brink of Death. Only a Healer can bring you back from the Brink of Death by extracting their own Life Essence. When you die the fifth time, you're disabled by strong status effects that imitate exhaustion, weakness, sickness, injury or death if you will it. This can also be recognized as being in an unconscious state.


A Healer must perform the "Extract" spell, which quite literally extracts Life Essence from within them that they can use to bring someone back from the brink of death.


Using Life Essence, a Healer can cure each death's effects. You will need 5 bottles of Life Essence to bring someone back to full health again.


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