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Mischievous Deity of the Caves and Ravines

Cavilon Followers tend to spend a lot of time beneath the surface. They are masters at mining. The Cavilon are immune to Cave Spider attacks.

To become a Follower of Cavilon - visit the Cavilon Temple in the Eastern part of the map [1]

Cavilon Abilities | Cave Mage

Senseore: Magically face towards nearby Diamond Ore.

Stonebody: Temporarily grants Resistance 4, Weakness 4, and Mining Fatigue 4. (20 seconds)

Heart of Stone: Grants 10 temporary hearts

Skipping Stones: Chains a stone between enemies, slowing them and dealing light damage (Think chain lightning)

Seismic Stomp: Slams your foot into the ground to knockup and slow enemies

Stone Javelin: Basic damage spell, deals 7 damage.


He ran as fast as he could. He was in their territory, he knew, and the followers of the god would be pursuing him now. He uncovered the item in his hand: An emerald from a shrine of Cavilon. To the Cavicks, minerals were easy to get - They wouldn't miss one block...

He flailed in almost complete darkness, running around the endless mazes of abandoned mineshafts. The Cavicks were slowing, he could hear their footsteps heavy against the stone floor. Panting, he began to slow, when suddenly a sucking noise came from the far wall, and a Cavick tumbled out, wielding a gnarled stoneroot staff.

Eyes wide with fear, the thief took flight once more. Before he could take a fifth step, an incoming whistling noise penetrated the air behind him. The special arrow unwrapped itself, becoming spider silk. It engulfed the runner, and he collapsed. Beside him, a puff of smoke, and suddenly there was a cave spider looking at him hungrily.

"How..." The man muttered, as the silk crept ever closer to his mouth. "How did you find me...?"

The Cavilon mage, fellow archer behind him, smiled. "It is never that simple to hide from a Cavick underground."

He plucked the block from the thief's hand, turned, and flicked a hand. And as the two walked away, the spider began its meal.

- by DaDevastor

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