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Known as 'The Cult', 'The Cult Of The Countless', and 'The New Emeraldite Empire'. This is a military group that is trying to take control of Templhelm by force, or any means possible. As the name may suggest, they are very large in rank, and have a cult-like system of hierarchy, following their leader Mikair The Maw's commands without hesitation. Some suggest that Mikair is more interested in gaining power for himself than completing any 'holy crusade'.

Their Agenda

The Cult seems to want to give more power to Planu as opposed to the seven lesser gods.

They also seem to want to punish the majority of Templehelm for obscure reasons, often stating that the inhabitants of Templehelm have failed their gods, without giving any further explanation as to how they have failed them.

Unlike many previous cult groups (e.g. Zeolix followers), the Cult has been taking control of swathes of land in Templehelm, and also claim to be the true Emeraldites. This suggests that they may be looking to create a new Emeraldite state within Templehelm.



The Cult has an almost unknown structure, though some parts have been pieced together, for now it seems that the leader of the group is Mikair The Maw, who seems to have absolute power over all lesser members of the cult. This is the supposed hierarchy of the Cult. It isn't fixed, and there will be other members that haven't been mentioned here, and possibly those of higher rank than Mikair The Maw.

All members in italics are now deceased:

Leader: Mikair the Maw-Killed by Planu,Wintival,And Quan Do O Grant at the battle for the Singer

Knights: Sir Durest the Dragon, Sir Rhakan the Raven

Titled members: Larrow the Leash, Rarric the Razor, Cyrair the chain, Tohnrik the Spur, Gedom the Flask, Carias the Crane, Admiral Jacob

Brothers: Brother Hemet, Brother Garret

Brothers in Training:Judgement,Verdict,Fate. (Verdict and Fate quickly betrayed the Countless after Larrow the Leash's Death.


The most prominent weapon of the Cult is their 'Maw Stone', the name is thought to have been drawn from the name of the leader of the Cult, Mikair The Maw. The maw stone is a magical device which fires a ray of some unknown magical force into a victim, this beam destroys all it comes into contact with. These stones are very small and can only be used by true Planites, and are very slow to be powered up. They are also thought to protect equipment from being tampered with (The Cult left lots of equipment on a path they were building through the jungle, and none of the equipment in close proximity to any maw stone was able to be tampered with).

The Cult has been known to posses large catapults, these are probably their largest type of weapon.

They mainly fight hand to hand, so often use Cult Longswords and sometimes Battle-axes, many of which have been recovered after battles for examination. Cult Longbows have also been recovered after battles, as the Cult makes use of skeletal archers to back up their ghouls and Brothers.


The cult makes use of Ghouls and Skeletal archers, often with the title of 'Brother' to do most of their fighting. These units have basic training, and basic equipment. These brothers are summoned from the dead using blood circles, and will continue appearing to join the battle unless the circle is broken. The 'Brothers' are often under the command of a 'BigBrother', who has had significantly more training and often only joins the battle after the enemy has been tired.

The View

The view is a castle-like magical structure that the Cultists have the power to teleport around Templehelm. It is often used to base their activities from, and appears on the edge of many battles and outside many cities under siege. It isn't currently known how it is able to teleport, though it may be something to do with 'Maw Stone magic'.

Battles, Sieges and Events

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A list of the events that the cult has taken part in.


Gedom the Flask killed at oasis by Desermans

La Blue Clan

Rarric the Razor was killed at Ulvene Hiet.

Evorga and The Deep Woods

Brother Garret was killed within Evorga, following multiple attacks and occasionally the appearance of 'The View'. Evorga often fought the cultists as they tried to build a road through The Deep Woods, eventually the cultists machines and siege engines were destroyed and they were pushed back from the jungles.

Glint Outpost

Larrow the Leash was killed at a holding close to the Glint outpost.


The Cult attacked to gain some secret books that Thyvor had in their possession. Thyvor Bay blockade. Where Admiral Jacob was killed.


Carias the Crane was killed at Concourse. Cyrair the Chain was killed at Concourse.


Brother Jon was killed here.

Aditional Information

The Cultist's declaration of Emeraldite sovereignty:

Information on Maw Stones, gathered by the Stricken Order:(Some information here is Wrong)

Additional information may be found here:

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