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A Demon is generally thought of as a malevolent entity or being and the antithesis of an Angel or a God. They can come from many different realms, and are often the cause of many misfortunes. They wander about Ateon causing misdeeds of their own volition, rather than serving a greater being or purpose as Angels would. Demons of varying power are present in world history and lore.

There exists many Demons of varying types; Demon is more of an arcane-theologian concept rather than a distinct biological race. Demons can manifest in many forms, such as in the body of beasts, or in the body of a humanoids. Demons of power to rival deities often do not take a physical form, strong enough to persist without it. The primary difference between demons and gods is that Gods do not possess mortal bodies, whilst demons do. Furthermore, a God can control the fate of mortals without having to manifest, but Demons have to directly influence a mortal's actions through possession.

However, many Demons found in the world follow a trend in appearance, possessing forms that mock that of Angels. These traits may manifest as, horns, leathery bat-wings, and sharpened claws.

Demons reside in many realms, including that of Ateon. Most realms host portals that link to other realms, allowing those of demonic heritage to travel freely between them. Only beings with demon blood can travel easily through these realms. A few mortal mages have attempted to travel in between these strange realms, but most have never been heard from again, either being devoured by a demon or lost in time during the travel.

Demons are not necessarily evil, but rather terribly self-indulgent. Lacking moral codes similar to our own, their selfishness often leads to misfortune among mortals. But, this free-spiritedness means a demon may even defend mortals if they feel like it. When a demon makes claim on on area, it becomes stronger (or perhaps more active) in this territory in comparison to outside.

Demons from the Horrors

The Horrors are ill-defined. Very few know of the existence of the Horrors, as few of its demons have appeared.

The Greater Demon known as Scorpus is the only demon from the Horrors who has appeared thus far. He is the archenemy of the Chooser.

Demons from the Second Underworld

Certain demons may possess marks of weakness known as Demonic Markers. Demonic Markers are possessed by most demons, and are very distinct markings created from a demon's power. Such a marker is very sensitive to attack, crippling or weakening the demon wearing it if struck. In the ranking of Demons, Primal Demons, Lesser Demons, and Demonlings do not possess a Demonic Marker. This changes as Demonlings age and grow in power. Demons possess the ability to hide most of their distinct, demonic features from onlookers to disguise themselves to blend into the mortal race.

Demons can be born of flesh and blood, primarily between demons. However, hybrids of demons and other species exist. Demonspawn born this way can only be raised to power, and skill; They are not born with high amounts of demonic power.These demons are know as Primal Demons, and are called so for their resemblance to the beasts seen in many realms. Despite their nature of birth being weaker than that of other demons, they are still to be wary of. Primal demons can be created from these beasts of the worlds because in many cases these beasts were created by demons themselves.

Concept demons, however, are born strong with demonic spirit. They are created by an intense emotion in a mortal. Only rarely do emotions of such severity occur to create a being. As the emotion grows, the Concept demon's power grows, due to their link to the souls of others. When the emotion forms the demonling, which is a term used for young undeveloped demon, will often take the name of the emotion that created them. This emotion however will only start the process of their personality, meaning this does not mean it will be completely what their personality consists of.

Sometimes a demon of concept will turn towards becoming a "contract Demon", meaning they will often seek the souls of other beings for their own power or hunger. Because Concept demons are created through the emotions of a mortal's heart, they have the ability to look into a being's heart to see their desires, fears, ect, thus giving them an edge to work their ways. This can be explained as a Hunting Ability

Demons vary in form and power due to these methods of creation, but they have existed throughout all of time. Some great mortal figure heads could not have gotten their power without the aid of demons. With a demons help, usually in contract, a mortal can rise to do many things.

The Children of Demons

The child of a Demon and a Mortal is specifically called a Cambion. They are also referred to as Demonkin, Demonspawn, and the like.

Demons from the Void

Most creatures that come from the Void are considered to be demons. As a realm of complete, tangible Darkness, the Void and its inhabitants are anathemas to light. They can be defeated with divine, and celestial powers.

Known Demons

Scorpus - Arachnid demon from the Horrors.

Zeolix - claimed to be the original God of Templehelm, the God of Death and Pain. Considered to be a powerful demon by those who have dealt with Zeolix but did not worship Zeolix.

Sanphurix - worshiped by the ancient Sanbaalans. Considered a demon by modern senses and religion.



Zanite Dawnblood

Driknious - Dubbed the Lord of Demons - Worshiped by the United Telaarian Empire as one of the Three Overarching Gods - the God of the Underworld

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