Do-O-Grant Family

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Do-O-Grant Family

Motto: Live Kind and proud. Die hard and loud.

Settlements: Thyvor, The Guild

Family Motto'

Live Kind and Proud. Die hard and loud

The family line of Do O Grant, is one stained in blood, hardship, sadness and betrayal. However through this never ending male-storm of misfortune do the Do-O-Grants preserver with a smile on their sleeve, and warmth in their heart. Raised to be champions, leaders, scholars and hero's a Do-O-Grant carries on a name that grants them a life of glory in some fashion. If they choose to be a scholar they will be expected to revolutionize the world for the better, to make strides to explore and explain the unknown. If they choose to be a warrior, they will be expected to never let a comrade fall in battle, or fall themselves defeating countless souls with a single swing. If they choose to live a life of sanctity, and kindness, they will be expected to help any and all, stopping all conflict with a glance, to become idolized as a saint. In whatever they do the name of a Grant means to be the best, to have pride in your name, and your abilities. To be a Grant means to stumble but never fall, to fight for the masses and leave the world better than you found it, to fight for your ideal of justice, never lose faith in yourself.

Family above all other things in this world. Your people and gods second. Your pride and dignity third. In all you do succeed and fight for the common man. Live Kind and Proud, die hard and loud.

Family Tree


Family Traits

Coming from the superior genetics of their houses founding member Quan Do O Grant. Most if not all Do O Grants and gifted with superb almost superhuman skills and physical capabilities, however the rate at which these genetic dispositions manifest are only through training and conditioning. The Do O Grants are also observed to have above average pools of raw mana allowing them to preform and excel in many forms of magical manipulation and schools, with proper training. The offspring of this Clan is very diverse, with their houses founding member Quan having courted many humans and demi-humans in his time those of which including a Human, Angelic entity, and Sheep demon. As a result the children of this clan may hold unique latent affinities unbeknownst to them.

Family tends to be everything to members of this House. Regardless of hardship, strife, or past incidents a Do O Grant will always stand by and care for their family members and seek to place them down a path that guarantees their safety, and salvation. "Even if they make your blood boil, they're still your blood"

House Member Histories

Quan Do O Grant

Pre-Templehelm: Stolen from his parents at a young age, and raised in the principality of Wholjeck, within the country of Lorknadan the land of the first priest of Claude within the Free Lands to the far South. Wholjeck was a principality raised ruled by a sect of Imperial church of Claude, which gave rise to corrupted Theocracy, and in sighted a long civil war between commoners and the church. Raised within a monastery sponsored by the church to train and modify select children as Grand Clerics to kill Rebels and those deemed "unholy" by the church. Quan lived as a orphan in the monastery and unbeknownst to him blissfully raised as a weapon, taught us how to be devout in faith, and the ways of combat. Raised by Bishop Maria, or "Mother" to the children a kindred woman and treated all the orphans like her own, he lived as normal of a early childhood as one could hope. However at age 13, his monastery was visited by Dukes from the capital, and the orphans were told to take up arms against Bishop Maria, or she would kill them as apart of a test. Many children at the time brushed it off as a joke or another lesson, while others fell to their knees and cried, clinging to Maria's legs, even more stood and stared in disbelief. Then with a Blank expression, nor shed of doubtful emotion Maria began to slaughter the Orphans. After days of hesitation and preparation Quan and the other survivors eventually killed their mother and passed the final test. After the survivors were given tittles, rank, and reported directly to Imperial Pope. Given orders thereon to lead attacks on the Heretics who defied the church and torn the country asunder. After he killed countless rebels, and stood on a mound of bodies he renounced his country, title, past, god, and left. Traveling for a little over a year he made his way to Templehelm at at the age of 18, hearing whispers of his idol and Hero Jace the Slayer of Legends.

Early TempleHelm: Upon arrival into the country Quan spent his days locked within the Realm of the Second Whistling Finch, gathering information, supplies, allies and enemies. Till he was approached by King Stelco leader of the Descendants an remnant of a then destroyed state of the Thyvorian Empire. Quan left the Finch and ventured out into the world with his new friends and began his exploration into Templehelm, following his Kings goal of becoming a new state of Thyvor. During this time Quan first encountered many of his future rivals and enemies like Sven champion of Mycelyix, Damien High priest of Mycelyix, Alec Captain of the Thyvorian Guard, and Telsa General of the Legion and more. Then one day while tending to his farm land he came Face to face with Lesh, general and leader of the unread Carcass Legion who taunted his weakness and indulgence in the tranquility of his dull life. Spurned by this and his defeat by many others within the country, Quan cursed his weakness and loss being raised only for victory. So for months, and years he trained for countless days. He fought against the Legion at every turn, and sought ways to increase his renown and influence by helping those he deemed friend and protecting that which he deemed beautiful. During this period he had come into his faith as an Akwalian thanking and blessing the God for helping him traverse the hellish waves that surrounded Templehelm. Only to find out that his God had been sealed. After fighting battles against Lesh, and becoming well known in Thyvor Quan had become closer to his lifelong friend and then Guard Captain Alec, who informed him of where the God Seals had been. So when a large group of faithful stood to unseal their Gods. Quan was the sole Akwalian who stood at the seals and with his devout faith, and help from another divine helped to unseal his God. After this Quan became much more devout within his faith, continued his training and built closer relationships with those he met. Soon his name began to be spoken about, which made him and his faction of the Descendants a target, the Legion retaliated against him being attacked by scouts and Telsa repeatedly. Again attacked his people were attacked by bandits, and the followers of the Decay God. Until his city garnered the protection of the Thyvorian Empire, becoming a state and he an official citizen. Quan joined the Thyvorian Guard, but during this time and fought valiantly for the Empire against AnnimeTerra Empire, Lesh and other threats. Throughout this period the young Guard continued to fight against Lesh, train daily, and challenge foes well above this strength without hesitation. He was herald about as the land as the "Horny Idiot who did not know when to give up".

Post Deiotaka: When the country was torn asunder by the Gods release, and Leshes Victory over the Defenders of Templehelm, Quan and the remnants of Thyvor lead by their new Queen Mahanni set off to start anew. To recover their culture, and regain a slither of the great and noble history they've lost. Quan was named the New Guard Captain of the Thyvorian people, a tittle with almost no wieght as the now great empire was naught but a small shadow of its former self. However with his strength and prowess, he watched over, protected, nurtured and helped to forge the New Thyvorian Empire. As his now close friend, idol and hero Alec ascended to the Champion of the skies. Quan brought his friends former office Guard Captian to new heights and made it a shimmering example of Thyvorian excellency once again as he forged close relations with other kingdoms, built its military, and brought many new citizens and ideas to Thyvors doorstep with his rising renown, and loyalty to his capable and wise Queen. However his Queen soon faded never to been seen again, disgruntled and taken back by his failure he too took a step back from his kingdom, until Kae the God of Thyvor chose a new leader. Gudzwabofer who Quan pledged his loyalty too, and again Thyvor rose to greater highest reclaiming its former glory, where it made strides technology, trade, and recovery of Zarain ruins.

Tireless Hero: During this period while under the rule of his King Gudz. Quan further built up the Thyvorian military force, and under the reforms to its political structure took on a lighter role in combat electing to have his daunting military force, the strongest in the East run itself. Instead he elected to strengthen his devotion to his God Akwal, venture the seas and lands seeking the further challenge himself. While Thyvor prospered Quan took on Giant hunting, gaining a taste for their toes and creating Giants toe soup. He also fought against many powerful and mythical beasts like Goblin hoards, Griffins, Leviathans and discovered many powerful artifacts, weapons, and tomes creating a collection of such runic and power weaponry. Until he was called back by his King to take on the title of King Regnant as he prepared to explore the Void. Returning to the Capital Quan watched over it once again, until he an the Empire was threatened by a entity from another world which simple was referred to as the "Shadow Towers" which began emerging across the land and threaten to consume the entire country. While he fought tirelessly against the Towers, ultimately he sought to fight the battle alone and during this struggle saw a wall he thought he could not overcome. As such he made a deal with the Shadows ruler Ozen, and succumb to the Darkness harnessing its power, and summoning towers in exchange for the towers to leave Thyvor and its people alone. However with the aid of his friends he broke free of the towers control and helped to push back the towers from this world, along with the help of Alec and his guard. Quan then ascended to the the office of King Regnant as Gudz descended into the Void. However due to his affiliations with the tower, his people began to see him as unfit to rule along with his decisions to remove Thyvor from the Tranquil accord. Quan sought to make Thyvor an independent nation free from foreign influence as such he removed the nation from the free trade and defense contract. It was also around this time a new foe lingered on the horizon began to surface calling themselves the Cult of the countless which began to take its first victims around Thyvor. However Quan and his guard repelled the early threat with ease. Until his people rose up against him during the first Thyvorian coup lead by Mystiko a rumored heir to the Thyvorian throne. Leading his people against him through a long campaign Tranquil accordance members, and others marched into the Thyvorian walls and insighted rebellion which ended in the death of some of Quans close friends and imprisonment of others creating a divide between he and his people which would never heal. After the coup Quan stood vigil combating any threats that surfaced at Thyvors walls, and helped to create some new reforms and build Thyvorian infrastructure until Gudz's return. Upon his kings return Quan worked with Gudz to deal with the aftermath of the coup, and how to proceed with the rising threat of the Cult of the countless. While his King dealt with the matter of Mystiko, Quan stood at Thyvors and Templehelms Defense as the Cult of the Countless grew to be a greater threat than thought. During the long and arduous fight against the Cult Quan the Captain of the Guard had focused all his efforts on fighting the threat at Concourse and across the country. While his name and renown grew, he and those he cared for became a target by the Cult of the Countless. In this time Quan lost sight of Thyvor for a time, and lost his King and friend Gudz as a result of his singular vision. Under his new King Rannould Quan continued to fight against the Cult and forged stronger bonds and defense compacts with various holds in Templehelm. For a time bringing together most major powers to combat the threat under Quan's and others leadership and directory. (Alecs and Ranns deaths. Tynans betrayal)

Ascension to throne:.

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