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The Duelists of Templehelm are warriors who specialize in swordplay. They are the Berserkers' counterpart.


Duelist Equipment

Leather Gold Chainmail Iron Diamond
Armour Yes No Yes Yes Yes





Sword Yes Yes No Yes Yes

Duelist Features

- 70 Health

- 100 Mana

- Duelists exist primarily as melee combatants.

- Swords Skill - Cause more damage with Swords and activate special abilities.

Duelist Abilities

Cleave - Blades cleave in front of you.

Wrath - For a short time you gain extra strength take wither damage, but take no melee damage. (50 Mana)

Parry - Prevent all damage from melee and arrows for a brief moment. (50 Mana)

When taking melee or arrow damage, you have a slight chance of automatically activating:

Masochist - Gradual health regeneration over time.

Pace - Gives strength 4 and haste 3 for 15 seconds. (75 mana) 1 min cooldown.

Special MCMMO Abilities

Counter Attack

When holding a Sword - a counter attack takes the damage done to you, and returns half to the attacking person or mob. It will not work if you have half a heart remaining. The chance to perform a counter attack depends on your Swords level, and increases by 0.05 per level. Counter attack will not work on projectiles (Arrows, Ghast fireballs, etc).

Serrated Strikes

Right click while wielding a sword to activate Serrated Strikes. The next time you hit a mob or player with a sword, Serrated Strikes will trigger. It will deal +25% damage and apply Bleed+ to enemies within a small radius of your target, how many enemies you can apply Bleed+ to will depend on the sword quality.

Deep Wound

When fighting with a sword you have a chance to deeply wound your enemies and make them bleed, giving them damage over time.

Unarmed - Iron Grip

Allows you to perform a counter chance against an opponent's disarm to make his disarm unsuccessful. This chance increases by .1% every level.

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