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Dwarves are a squat race of humanoids, squat in stature they are stocky individuals with generally pale skin. Most do not exceed the height of five feet, being much shorter than average humans. Males of the race are known to have the ability to grow large beards. The average Dwarf's hair color is bright/dark red though it is noticeable that some Clans of dwarves have members within them to have lighter shades of hair, such as gold colored hair and some shades of brown, making their large amount of body and facial hair very striking and noticeable in some cases. Most Dwarf workers also have strikingly large arm and chest muscles, given the race's inherent strength and their constant mining/blacksmith work. Dwarven warriors depending on the Clans will often use war paint to adorn their face and body, but in some clans the warriors have taken up the honored tradition of having runic scripts and rune patterns tattooed onto there body’s as a sign of respect to there clan ancestry.

An Armoured Dwarf Warrior.

Dwarven armor and clothing varies slightly between Clans and social classes, however most Dwarves can be seen wearing simple chain mail coats, metal shoulder and chest plates (normally wrought from iron, as Iron is the cheapest metal to a dwarf), and leather trousers. Helmets of many different designs are also not uncommon for Dwarven warriors and workers to wear on a normal day-to-day basis.

Dwarves are also notable very honorable people, in dwarven society your word is one of the most strongest forms of credit among clans and other dwarves. So as a race holding to there word, over the centuries dwarves have made many different kinds of rituals to add a more solemn note to making an Oath or Bond. One of the strongest forms of Oath-giving to a dwarf is, the Oath of Blood or Blood-Oath. On top of dwarves being and honor-bound race it is also note-worthy to state that dwarves are very prideful. A dwarf worth is grit is known to boast about anything from the quality of there armor or to the wellness of a finally dug mineshaft.

On the note of racial “habits”, dwarfs of Templehelm has a materialistic desire to accumulate vast amounts of precious metals and gemstones. So it is with that said, within dwarven society a high ranking dwarf would be judged on his or her private hoard of gold and gems. As for sought after metals and gems within the Dwarven society, dwarves hold gold and emeralds over they lesser metals of the earth, though dwarves still appreciate the values of the lesser metals, such as iron and steel. But it is gold and gems that will drive a dwarf lord to take his whole clan to a new and untouched mountain range just for the hope of tapping into new and unearthed veins of riches.

The Dwarven language has been for hundreds of years been a broke and informal tongue, at the height the dwarven Golden age, the dwarfs had a untied language and writing system that was a closely guard secret from any outside of the dwarven people. When the other races of Templehelm hears dwarfs speak the common tongue one can hear still a very thick accent that can be related to the highlands of Scotland of the real world.

The Dwarves of Templehelm today is a scattered race, ununited and lost. Many customs and traditions lost to the darkness of time and are every day in a constant battle to fight off the ever creeping decay of the race of dwarves. It has been the dream and drive for most dwarves of the recent age to see there race restored to its formal glory and might.

The Dwarves are one of the races simulated by Netharna in her creation of the Pale Children.

Dwarven Lore

Dwarves are divine creations of Cavilon. As such, they are adept at both mining large amounts of ores/stone and making powerful tools out of them. Most Dwarves believe that Cavilon created food, water, and shelter to be given in return for their work and worship. Once a powerful nation, the underground ruins of Cavick (Where the term 'Cavick' was coined for followers of Cavilon) was once the main housing for Dwarves of Cavilon's supposed creation. The city of Cavick is littered with small libraries containing books of Dwarven history, language, and lore. Unfortunately, the city is destroyed beyond repair, and the long roads connecting the massive chamber's buildings to one another remain vacant. Now, Dwarves of all kinds have spread across the Earth, mining in small underground villages to please their god and perhaps, one day, retain their formal greatness. Very few have traveled far enough to reach Templehelm, but those who have seldom stay for very long.

Books detailing facts about Cavick's destruction have yet to be found by excavation teams. [Contribute to the wiki and write a Dwarven lore book! Do so in the Dwarven Library category!]

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