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Emeraldite History

Emeraldite history tells us that it was the Emeraldites themselves that were the first people to discover and populate Templehelm hundreds of generations ago. The Emeraldite Kingdom was once a huge Empire that controlled most of the Northern Setlian Coast. An Emeraldite Royal Guard named Henafras is said to of been the first to find the islands that make up Templehelm. He was the best tracker in the "Order of the Royal Shadows" - the Elite Palace Guard Unit. After an attempt on the life of the Emeraldite King by the well known assassin for hire, Tholhara. Henafras was chosen to track the assassin down and bring her to justice. He even took an oath that he would not return without the head of Tholhara. For five long years this quest took Henafras beyond the Emeraldite Kingdom, and to the edge of the known world. Tholhara was almost within the grasp of Henafras when she was seen sailing a small boat into the heart of the great lake. Hanefras pursued, even though it was known that no one had ever made the estimated year long journey across the lake - Not even the dead washed ashore once entering this abyss.

Tales of Henafras were told for a while, but then he faded in the memories of denizens of the Emeraldite Kingdom. Then seventeen years later while the King of the Emeraldites was on his deathbed, Henafras returned to the religious capital of Kilvaro. He honoured the King by dropping the skull of Tholara into the Kings chamberpot and then began to tell an amazing tale that filled the King with hope. Hope that was desperately needed at this time, when the children of the King were facing an uncertain future and a near certain defeat at the hands of their many enemies. That night, Hanefras would share with those present in the Kings Chamber the news of the Setlian Sea being more than just a lake full of mythical beasts - for in the centre of the Setlian Sea, was land. Virgin land, uninhabited and full of beauty. A wonderful abundance and boundless tranquillity. The Emeraldites knew immediately of the opportunity this could afford them. The Strategic position alone to defend a new heart for their Kingdom - Away from the Savages that marauder around their borders. It was decreed by the King before his death soon after, that the Emeraldites will invest their power into building great ships strong enough and well provisioned enough to make the journey to this new land. And eight years a King of the Emeraldites full-filled this legacy, leaving for Templehelm with seventeen hundred hand picked Denizens, and leaving behind them a land ravaged by war. It is said that they were only a day away from shore, before their land had completely succumbed to their enemies.

The Emeraldites worshipped Planu for as long as their history has been recorded. And their settling in Templehelm is said to even pre-date the coming of the "Sired Divines". Over the generations, the Emeraldites waged many wars in distant lands from the safety of their castle in Templehelm. But one prolonged and ultimately disastrous conflict saw them again lose everything in just one campaign - Everything but Templehelm. The Emeraldite history books tell us that it was only through their intense worship of Planu and the construction of a magnificent Temple in his honour that protected them from the onslaught and invasion.

The Emeraldites would continue to offer protection to those that continued to migrate to Templehelm and came in the search for the fertility and riches the land provided, as long as they paid their taxes and offered their first-born to the Emeraldite Army, a levy no longer required since the time of The Deiotakas.

The Deiotakas

There is a time in the History of Templehelm that the Emeraldites refer to as "The Deiotakas" - a word from an earlier form of the Emeraldite tongue which simply translates to "The birth of gods".

The Deiotakas refers to an era in Emeraldite history books that mainly chronicles reports of strange occurrences in Templehelm. These include stories of trees leaping from the ground and falling on Woodsman. Camp-Fires reaching out and snatching children. Ravines opening up and swallowing whole villages. The seas rising up and then pulling boats down into the deep abyss. The sun burning so hot it cooked pigs in their pens. Ferocious ice-storms blowing across the land and freezing people solid where they stood. The time of Deiotakas caused chaos and despair amongst the Denizens of Templehelm and most left en-mass. The Emeraldites and their Planu Oracles believed that these supernatural events mark the coming of the Sired Divines. All Denizens that did not flee and either embraced or respected the new forces at work - found that they could avoid the wrath of these new Deities by worshipping one of them - and soon found that they could even commune with these powerful forces. The Emeraldites never surrendered to these forces as they appeared to be immune to the wrath of the Sired Divines - according to the Emeraldites, this was due to having the Blood of Planu in their veins and with the construction of an awe inspiring temple to Planu; the site of this Temple is now called Planu Heath

The Caretakers

The Emeraldites believe themselves to be the only souls that have the blessing from Planu himself to reside in Templehelm without worshipping one of the Sired Divines. The Emeraldites are believed to of accepted a deal with Planu to be blessed with divine power; and in return - would make an oath to protect and care for the inhabitants of Templehelm until the end of days. Every Emeraldite King since the first 'Planu Oath' was made, renews their oath to not interfere with the affairs of other Kings in Templehelm - To not claim dominion over the Land of Templehelm and to protect it from any external forces.

Emeraldite Power and Lore Keeping

Emeraldites claim to have the blood of Planu in their veins. And this blood gives them great magical power - although this power is very rarely seen - what has been witness has been described as god-like.

The Emeraldites are regarded as the keepers of the official History of Templehelm, and the only authorities on the existence of the known.

This is due to Emeraldite Kings claiming to be in direct contact with Planu, which grants them the ability to verify the claims of those in the land. The Emeraldites have always had a belief and a saying "Our King tastes truth in the wind".

Occasionally an Emeraldite King will make decrees to verify various claims - or validate them by adding literature into the Emeraldite Library.

The Current King and the Emeraldite Castle

The current King of the Emeraldites is named Meraldian. He resides in the Emeraldite Castle.

Meraldian is said to be a keen hunter and spends most of his days hunting on the grounds around the Emeraldite Castle.

Meraldian has hosted many a banquet and is reported to be quite approachable and only follows strict Emeradlite Royalty protocol when receiving guests in the Emeraldite Castle Throne Room - possibly out of respect for his ancestors that have always conducted serious business in this room.

Many have said that not displaying a respectful disposition in the Throne Room will result in getting thrown into the Emeraldite Castle Dungeon.

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