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Fincayra is an Island that exists outside of Time and Space, placed so by the God Dagda when a Greater Demon by the name of Rhita Gawr attacked the people and murdered Dagda's wife. The Island is surrounded by magical mist that prevents mortals from accidentally stumbling across it while sailing the seas. It is also known as the Bridge Between the Worlds

Fincayrans (people)

The people of Fincayra are half-breeds, of a sort. They are the descendants of the god Dagda and his human wife who mated with humanized birds of prey, and because of this they have several unique characteristics.

-Incredibly high longevity (they will not die of natural causes, only a wound inflicted in battle may slay them.)

-Nature magic (All Fincayrans are blessed with the ability to perform powerful and complex nature magic due to their divine heritage.)

-Several small physical differences like pointed ears and slightly almond shaped eyes. Usually blonde and blue eyed.


The Island is ruled by a Royal Family that trades down the Winged Crown every 5,000 years. The only known Fincayran on Earth is the last surviving member of the Royal Family. The Royal Family is a part of the Council of Fincayra, a group of beings from all races and species that meet every year at the Dance of the Giants (the structure that would be known on Earth as Stonehenge when Merlin reassembled it there)

Fincayran Lore

the Bridge Between the Worlds

Fincayran Pantheon

Dagda: Father-God of the isle, Dagda created and nurtured the Fincayran race in their infancy. He serves as Father and Protector to the people of the island, much in the same way as Planu does for Templehelm, but much more actively.

Rhita Gawr: Demon-King of the Underworld, Rhita Gawr is the embodiment of Pure Evil in the Fincayran mythos. He first brought corruption to the isle when it still resided on a physical plane, and through his unceasing evil he has cause numerous blights and dark ages on the island.

Ancestor Pantheon: Each person has a pantheon of ancestral spirits they can pray to for guidance or assistance when away from home or merely seeking spiritual conversation.

Merlin: Merlin is a legendary figure from Fincayran mythology, supposedly an ancestor of every king of the island for the last 20,000 years. A fierce warrior and an almost godlike magical power, Merlin is the patron of warriors and mages.

Grand Elisa: A spiritual being of immense power, kindness, and wisdom, she is said to be able to predict the future and embodies the Ficnayran concept of love. She takes the form of a huge spider.

Notable Fincayrans


Lochlan Maraigh, King of Birds, Lion of Fincayra, and Lord of Hell (deceased).

Lady Maeread Dryden, married to King Lochlan (deceased)

Sir Morgan Dryden, illegitimate child of Lochlan and Maeread


Eored Beoluve was granted Fincayran blood by Prince Lochlan shortly before his death. Eored is the official heir to the Fincayran throne. (deceased)


Aeryn Heiral, son of Arodes Heiral and an unnamed Fincayran woman. Currently under the protection of Lady Dryden while on the run from the Emeraldites for the crime of Dragon Worship. (deceased)

No player:

Branwen Boodhn, Princess, Lochlan's sister (deceased).

Emrys II, King of Fincayra, Lochlan's father (deceased).

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