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A Timeline of the Isle of Fincayra, as Recorded by the College of Scribes

100,00 BKM (Before King Merlin)

The Isle of Fincayra rise from the eastern ocean of that land will come to be known as Templehelm (There is no record of a name given to the land at this time)

99,000 BKM

- The spirit Dagda first takes residence on the island

- The land begins to flower with life under Dagda's care

95,000 BKM

- Dagda grows lonely and ventures to the main continent in search of a companion

- The events of the Bridge Between the Worlds tale take place[[1]] (The tale is a bardic retelling rather than pure historical account)

~ Dagda becomes enamored with a human woman and brings her back the isle

~ Rhita Gawr first comes into being through the child of Dagda and human's lust for greater power

~ Rhita Gawr possess the Child and kills the mother before engagin Dagda in a heated battle, almost killing him

~ Dagda flees and tends his wounds before mounting an assault on the Demon Lord, succeeding in trapping him in the Well of Souls

~ Dagda creates the Fincayan race from a Golden Eagle and a Red Tailed Hawk

~ Dagda uses almost all of his power to Seal Fincayra off from Time and Space, leaving it floating in its own plane of existence

88,900 BKM

- Fincayrans first interbreed with humans

- First ventures from the island since its Sealing

88,000-70,000 BKM

- No historical record can be found for this time

- Historians speculate that the Seven Treasures were created during this time (The Harp, The Galator, the Sword, The Cauldron, The Shield, The Mirror, and the Horn)

- Speculation says that the island enjoyed a time of prosperity under Fincayran rule

69,500 BKM

- Fincayrans are stripped of their wings by Dagda due to mistreatment of the isle and its inhabitants

- Prophesy of the Dance of the Giants first recorded

- Massive population explosion, the island expands to accommodate almost 1 million inhabitants

68,000 BKM

- Rhita Gawr attempts to invade Fincayra

68,000-60,000 BKM

- First Underworld War

- Battle of the Shore of Talking Shoals (30,000 Fincayran soldiers dead, victory) (66,900 BKM)

- Battle of the Haunted Swamp (major defeat; almost 100,000 dead) (65,766 BKM)

- Battle of the Crystal Cave (Rhita Gawr driven back by the Galator, wielded by Dagda) (60,000 BKM)

60,000-55,000 BKM

- Dagda returns to the Isle, empowered by his peoples' victory

55,000-45,000 BKM

- Dagda rules as God-King

- The Ten Millennia Reign is established as law by Dagda

45,000 BKM

- Dagda chooses a Good man from among his court to take the throne

45,000-25,000 BKM

- Rhita Gawr attempts second invasion of Fincayra

- Second Underworld War

- Battle of the Eagle Canyon (2,000 dead, major victory)

- Battle of the Dhruma Wood (0 dead - treelings and trees themselves defend Fincayrans)

- First Battle of Carac tor (50,000 dead - decisive victory, Rhita Gawr driven back to Hell)

25,000-5,000 BKM

- King Roald I reigns peacefully

- King Roal I abdicates to his son (15,000 BKM)

- King Tuatha I drives back elvish invasion from Fellonrath (9,400 BKM)

5,000 BKM

- Stangmar ascends the throne after the abdication of his father

4,320 BKM

- King Stangmar marries Elen of the Sapphire Eyes

3,780 BKM

- Merlin is born, under a different name (lost to time)


- Stangmar succumbs to Rhita Gawr's influence

- Elen flees Fincayra with her son

- The Blight begins

- Stangmar begins genocide of Giants in fear of the prophesy


- Merlin returns to Fincayra

- Last known giant found, mistaken for dwarf due to magically reduced size

- Dance of the Giants prophesy realized

- Stangmar defeated


- Elen returns to Fincayra, now using the name Branwen

- Merlin travels Fincayra with the Flowering Harp (one of the seven treasures) reversing the Blight

- Merlin is taught wizardry by his Grandfather, King Tuatha I

- Merlins battles a dragon who has taken residence inside Fincayra's volcano


- Merlin discovers the Lost Isle, a small island just off the coast of Fincayra

- Merlin discovers the secret of Fincayrans long-past: their Wings

- Dagda sees Merlin's work and rewards him with the restoration of his wings and names him High King of Fincayra

1 DE (Dynastic Era)

- King Merlin disappers suddenly, leaving his oldest daughter to rule

1-10,000 DE

- Queen Maeread I rules peacefully

- Queen Maeread abdicates to her son (10,000 DE)

10,000-20,000 DE

- King Liam Maraigh leads Fincayra in a Golden Age

- King Liam drives back a third demonic invasion by Rhita Gawr, no war ensures (13,000 DE)

- King Liam Maraigh abdicates to his son

20,000-30,000 DE

- King Tuatha II continues the Golden Age

- Rhita Gawr invades a fourth time (24,000 DE)

- Second Battle of Carac tor (24,500 DE) ~ Calgaich and others sent forward in time

- Rhita Gawr seeks aid from the Kreelixes, magic-devouring creatures that live in the Haunted Swamp (24,550 DE)

- Kreelixes trick Rhita Gawr, devour his army (25,000 DE)

30,000-40,000 DE

- King Lochlan I rules peacefully

40,000-50,000 DE

- King Emrys rules

- Fellonrath spies discovered in Carac tor (43,430 DE)

- War declared on Fellonrath (43,600 DE)

50,000-60,000 DE

- King Roald II rules

- War with Fellonrath continues until 67,980 DE

60,000 DE

- King Roald II, Princess Branwen II, and Prince Emrys II murdered by Rhita Gawr

- Prince Lochlan II gives chase, is tricked by Rhita Gawr and banished from Fincayra until his death

60,000-63,376 DE

-Rhita Gawr rules Fincayra

- Oppression and violence are law, all Fincayrans are enslaved

63,376 DE

- Prince Lochlan calls Rhita Gawr to Ateon

- Rhita Gawr is sealed within Prince Lochlan by Magnus Cruor

- Lochlan is killed to complete the ritual by Magnus Cruor

- Prince Lochlan's spirit returns to Fincayra

63,380 DE

- Lochlan's spirit returns to Templehelm, longing for his adopted home

- Lochlan is reanimated by the mage Dynalir Ravenscar

63,390 DE

- Lochlan returns to Fincayra alive and dethrones the mortal vessel used by Rhita Gawr

63,390-67,390 DE

- King Lochlan Maraigh rules peacefully

- Lochlan is wed to Maeread Dryden in Templehelm (66,500 DE)

- King Lochlan andQueen Maeread return to Fincayra and rule peacefully (66,500-67,390 DE)

- King Lochlan and Queen Maeread disappear suddenly (67,390 DE)

67,390 DE -

- A vacuum of power is left in the king's absence having no heir apparent

- Civil War breaks out

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