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So you have become a Denizen of the land of Templehelm. Due to the nature and design of this server, it can be a little difficult to get a foot-hold in the world. So this guide aims to take you through some initial things, and hopefully see you on your way to making friends and beginning you grand adventure in the land of Templehelm.


Add Crimson Ingot character to your Enjin Profile

You won't be able to do anything until you have a Minecraft Character added to your Enjin Profile.

To do this, you will have to launch the latest version of Minecraft

1. Go to your Enjin Character Page:

2. Select Minecraft (PC) and Crimson Ingot and then Add Character.

3. Follow the on-screen instructions to add your Character.

4. Close Minecraft and Launch as 1.12.2 to join Crimson Ingot.

No-Build Zone

When you log into the world for the first time, you are in Planu Heath - Before you can build - or even find Mobs to kill - you will need to leave the Heath valley through the mountains encircling it. You will receive a message when you have gone far enough: "You are now leaving Planu Heath".

If you get stuck in a hole in the No-Build Zone - you can return to spawn by using an Emerald - or the command /suicide: be warned, you will lose your items this way!

Area Chat

Crimson Ingot uses Area Chat- this means that when you talk, it can only be heard 50 blocks away. To speak in the global OOC (out of character) channel, either do /ch ooc', or preface your messages with /ooc To make sure a staff member sees your message, you can do: /pray <message>

Our channels are: 5, 15, 50, 100, 200, 300, and OOC (out of character)

Some channels can be joined via /ch <channel> and left via /ch leave [channel]

Tip: if you don't want to see someone's messages in any channel, you can choose to do /ignore <username>

Explore a little

Take a look at the world map and get your bearings. Near the Ruined Planu Temple is Heathrest - here you will likely find some chatty denizens in the Tavern. They'll likely tell you some useful gossip, or at least help you on your journey, whatever it may be.

In Heathrest is where you can earn Crimin - read more about Crimin on our Economy page.

Earn Crimin

"Crimin" is the Templehelm currency.

You will start out with 1000 Crimin - This is not enough to afford the finer things in Templehelm, but should be enough to help with initial communication.

Crimin is essentially Gold and Emeralds, the more you mine, the more Crimin you have. See the Economy section on this wiki for more info.

If you need more Crimin fast, then you could Vote] for the Server for some extra Crimin.

Crimin will also be very handy when trying to find other Denizens to play and Adventure with.

Make Camp

Once you are out in the Wilderness - set up a Camp and get together the basics. One thing you will definitely want is to get in a safe place and set your Spawn Bed (You can right click on a vacant bed to set this as your death respawn point.)

It is highly recommended that you find a faction to join if you're just starting out. They can provide food, shelter, and security for new adventurers.

Introduce Yourself

Tell everyone a bit about yourself on the Forums so we can get to know you! If you are looking for a faction to join, just let us know. There is always someone out there looking for an apprentice or just someone to enjoy there time on the server with.

Read the User Guides

Crimson Ingot uses many varied and interesting plugins - it is recommended that you read all of the User Guides available on the Wiki.

Warning: these guides might be somewhat outdated. For updated, always relevant info, check out our "Guides" section of the Forum.

Develop your Character

Crimson Ingot is a role-playing Minecraft Server, it is essential to know what that means. To role-play means to act out a part of a fictional character. So in order to properly role-play, one must know more about their character.

  • Put together an appropriate, medieval-styled Minecraft skin. This will take care of your character's physical aspect. Your Minecraft skin is not only the first thing your peers will notice, but also what they will remember you by. It is all the more important to build the right skin.
  • Come up with a back-story. Think about where your character came from, what they want out of life, what they stand for and how they behave etc.
  • Act. Good Roleplaying is like being an Actor and the Templehelm is the Stage. Find anyone to RP with. No one can teach you about how to act "right". There is no right nor wrong. Act as if you were this character you created - it can be quite liberating. Forget yourself and fully become the role that you have. If your RP is good-quality, others will join you. Anything can grow out from an RP: friendship, alliances, trade-relations, etc. - Even hatred can be developed - but it's all good, because it's all in-character and shouldn't affect your real feelings, just the feelings of the Character. That's the most important aspect of good RP - don't take anything personally. It's entirely possible for your character to hate one another in the RP, but for you and the player to be good friends.

Your first Quest: Choose your Creed

Creeds play a critical role if Templehelm's setting. Depending on their nature, they add enhanced abilities gifted from your god to most classes. There are plenty of deities to choose from: Wildaven, Wintival, Akwal, Cavilon, Netharna, Zelphair, and Mycelyix are all currently available.

To consecrate into the creed of your choice, you'll need to find the sacred Temple of the Deity you wish to follow, where their presence is strongest. The locations of these Temples are somewhat hard to find, and usually only known by a denizen of that creed. It is wise to seek out a follower of the deity you wish to follow so they can help you to consecrate.

Farm Animals

Farm Animals will die if they are not fed every five days (Earth Days).

Feeding is the same mechanic you would use to Breed - So when you see the hearts, then you know they are fed.

Sheep and Cows eat Wheat. Pigs eat Carrots and Chickens eat Seeds (Wheat, Pumpkin, Melon)

This does affect Wolves and Ocelots.

Further Reading

B1brigade's Guide to getting started in Templehelm

DaDevastor's A Guide to RP

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