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Goblins are a race commonly found across all of Ateon. Rather than having one point of origin, it seems goblins spring up nearly everywhere one looks, like a plague most would say. The reason for this is perhaps that the term "goblin" is too wide-ranging a term, often encompassing groups of extraordinarily different behaviours, cultures, and even appearances. That said, there are a few goblin stereotypes that most goblins fit, though, with nearly all of these there are exceptions.


Goblins are, essentially, halflings that range in color from green to brown. Many believe them to be nasty, beast-like creatures, and . . . well, many goblins are, however there have also been several tribes of goblins reported to be simply like smaller orks, or smaller, greener elves, many even being described as rather pleasant to look at. While this may not be the norm, it is important to note that there are many goblins out there who do not resemble animals.

One must note that a goblin isn't exactly just a "smaller version of an orc". Their heads are a bit larger in comparison to their bodies, as are their hands and feet, and, well . . . their reproductive parts; in fact, when considering the body to member size ratio, goblins are likely some of the most well-endowed of the intelligent races, measuring about the size of a man and in some cases even that of an ork.

Most notable, and perhaps most universally, goblins are very well known to have long, pointed ears, similar to those of the elves.

Eating Habits

Goblins are scavengers, and will eat almost anything in most cases, often including other intelligent species or each other. They prefer meat of all types over most anything else.


Most Goblins, surprisingly to most, have a natural lifespan similar to that of a human. Some odds breeds live as long as elves, and some feral breeds are more like beasts, living little more than a decade or two, but the majority live a natural length of time when compared to mannish races. This, however, is just the natural lifespan of a goblin, as in most cases they are often hunted or they put themselves into deadly situations, leaving the average realized lifespan of goblins somewhere around 20-30 years.


Most commonly formed when male goblins take women in their raids, half-goblins are outcasts from nearly all societies, including most goblin ones. Females are raised as slaves and males are slaughtered at birth. Most mannish peoples look down on half-goblins that do escape from the tribes that birth them, often refusing them services if not killing them on sight.

Half-goblins are curious to look at, resembling fairly short (unless mixed with a dwarf, then about the same height), tan to grey (unless mixed with an Ork, then green to brown), slightly pointed eared (unless mixed with an elf, then same ears as usual) humans. Though most often disdained, this unique look has often gained them unwanted, lustful attention from perverse Kings and Lords.

Known Tribes and Sub-Species

There are many different types and groups of goblins, most organizing by tribe. Here are some notable ones.

Kerk's Goblin Horde

Perhaps the only well-known instance of a significant Goblin presence in Templehelm was Kerk and his Horde. They appeared some months after the First Great Upheaval, following large sightings of unorganized goblins near the provincial town of Whitecrest. Little is known about the origin of these goblins, but it can be assumed that they were either new arrivals to Templehelm or descendants of arrivals, and, until Kerk came along, no one had been able to unify them into such a large tribe. These goblins were also discovered to be in-line with a demonic entity known as Lord Damon Hosh. Little else is known about him or his goals; just that he was the one controlling Kerk behind the scenes.

Goblins of Monada

Monada is a small island in the furthest known reaches of the Far Jurrian. The goblins that once lived there were known to be some of the most beautiful creatures in the world, and they were eventually all captured and sold, scattered across Ateon to live with and serve the highest bidder. Most now are dead . . . or worse.

This tribe is a very strange outlier as far as goblins go in complexion, bone structure, and height. Monadan Goblins have incredibly clear, smooth skin, comparable even to that of elves, despite it's very different color. Though Monadan Goblins still have large ears and noses, their faces are typically smooth and alluring, making them clearly resemble mannish races rather than the beasts many other goblins seem akin to. Monadan goblins are also some of the tallest goblins in Ateon, averaging around 4'9" for men and 4'3" for the women.

Aside from these differences however, Monadan Goblins are still goblins; they are far from the smartest goblins known in Ateon, though they are also no where close to the dumbest. Most Monadan Goblins can speak one or two languages passably and some have even been known to write. This actually puts them somewhere in the middle of the pack; they aren't inventing steam engines, but they also aren't sitting in their own shit and eating it too. Still, Monadan Goblins show similar social traits to most other goblins; they like shiny things, work in groups, eat meat, have been known to cannibalize, and are fiercely distrusting and territorial.

Known Goblins

Gemini73 | Entrecejo (Cejo) - Monadan Goblin

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