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End Golems

End Golems are a fairly new race, but only in the sense that only recently have they been able to leave the End, where they dwelled for many years, protected by their Deity and Creator: The Wanderer.

End Golems were created when the Wanderer tried to create a smarter version of the Iron Golems, the protectors of villagers and villages through out the world. He succeed, creating the End Golems with a mixture of endstone, magic, and a dragon egg that was found abandoned. The Wanderer was surprised to discover End Golems processed the ability to reconstruct themselves if they died, as was first discovered when a End Golem fell into the Void. It was also discovered that at random times, End Golems would fall asleep and disappear in front of anyone nearby. The Wanderer managed to follow one and discover that they sleep by floating quietly in the Void, entirely unharmed, and when asked later, entirely unknown to the sleepers.

End Golems process a great amount of curiosity, and having little else to do in the End, they explored and memorize where ever they went. As a result, all End Golems love to "wander" around, considering it to be a way to show their devotion to the Wanderer.

A long time after their creation, the Wanderer gave the End Golems some obsidian and a thing that He called "an Iron ingot" and told them the last ingredient is hidden in plain view. Eventually, an End Golem called "Wind" by the Wanderer was digging in gravel and discovered a piece of flint. Curious about what it was, he brought it to the Wanderer and the Wanderer pronounced it was the last ingrediant, constructed a strange portal and told Wind he was now the "Ambassador of the End Golems" and sent him through.

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