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Healers are the doctors and medics of Templehelm, using magic to mend wounds and heal ailments.


Healer Equipment

Leather Gold Chainmail Iron Diamond
Armour Yes No No No No





Sword Yes Yes No Yes No

Healer Features

- 40 Health

- 200 Mana

- Healers are more likely to commune with the Deities - (Usually at a shine, where you use /pray)

- Can Heal themselves and others.

- Can use Telepathy (/t [player] [message])


(Right Click with a Stick to select the Spells Below and Left Click to cast them)

Salvation - Remove a curse from a member of your same Creed.

Extract - Extract Life Essence from yourself. (1 bottle, 10 XP, 10 hearts, 150 mana) Cooldown of 15 seconds.

Remedy - Bring someone back from the Brink of Death and/or cure side-effects of an injury. (1 Life Essence, 200 mana) Cooldown of 10 minutes.

Telekinesis - Activate Switches and Buttons remotely. (25 Mana)

Heal - Left Click with a Dandelion to restore some of your health. (1 Dandelion and 50 Mana)

Restore - Left Click with a Poppy to restore another Players Health to full. (1 Poppy and 50 Mana)

Cure - Removes Slowness, Fatigue, Nausea, Blindness, Poison, Weakness and Wither Effects from Caster. (50 Mana)

Antidote - Removes Slowness, Fatigue, Nausea, Blindness, Poison, Weakness and Wither Effects from Target other than Caster. (50 Mana)

Reflect - Cause spells cast at you to be reflected back to the caster for 20 Seconds (75 Mana)

Rejuvenate - Heal those near the Ground Target. (1 Lilac and 100 Mana)

Convalescence - Regenerate your health over the next of 15 Seconds (1 Rose Bush, 50 Mana)

Peacemonger - Say the words "Peace be amongst us" and anyone nearby has a chance of dropping their weapon after a short delay. (100 Mana)

Sacred Shield - Become impervious to some damage for 30 seconds. (150 Mana)

2nd Choice Spells

Wish - The Caster gains 50 Mana. Costs 5 XP Levels

Devote - The Caster gives Target 100 Mana. 50 Mana

Special MCMMO Abilities

Holy Hound (Wildaven also has this)

Unlocks at Taming level: 375

Wolves regain health when damaged by magic or poison.

Mana Booster (Mage, Conjurer and Illusionist also have this.)

Increases your mana to 350 and increases its regeneration rate to 10.

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