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Heathrest is a small village that was built next to the ruins of Planu's Temple from what was left of the ruins of Glint in the wake of the 3rd Upheaval.

It is here where you can find lodging, work, or coin for your wares. There's always a Commissioner around willing to offer a new Adventurer a simple job in exchange for some crimin or supplies.

Various shops created for the purpose of relief after the disaster sit in Heathrest, selling metal wares, food, and building material at affordable prices.




At Henrick's Hammer, various tools and weapons are sold for the everyday Adventurer's needs.

Brethaim - MISSING

At Bethaim's Bakery, various baked goods are sold for fair price.

Rock Maston & Wodo Cavr

At the Stone and Wood supply, you can find various materials for sensible construction.

Heathrest Library

The Librarian of Heathrest is currently working on uncovering lost tomes, but you can get writing material from him while in Heathrest.

The local Pub makes his favorite brew of tea.

Heathrest Inn & Pub

Whether it's to escape the rain or in search of some good cooking to sate your hunger, the Heathrest Inn & Pub is a cozy little place on the south side of the village. The Bartenders serve beverages and good meals for coin. All ingredients are locally sourced.

If you're looking for information, the Barmaid is a very chatty woman.

Heathrest Bank

For Crimin Coin exchange, see the tellers at the bank. They can also provide some more practical info about the bank and village than the Barmaid at the Pub.

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