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The proud seamen and great travellers of the Jurrian.

Physical Traits and Abilities

Ichthy are a race of beings commonly mistaken for Merpeople, though there are many differences. Ichthy are actually much more closely related to Humans or Elves. They have skin, though it usually ranges from blue to green, and can be slightly scaled in some places. While shades of red, ranging from orange to purple, have been seen they are very uncommon. Ichthy have the ability to breathe, see, and move quickly underwater. They do grow hair in the "usual places" and have teeth, nails, etc. In some cases toes and fingers can be webbed, but this is not a defining trait as, though it is not extremely uncommon, it is not entirely common either. One notable trait is that Ichthy are much less susceptible to disease and toxins.

Ichthy have been known to be able to procreate with Elves, Orcs, Human, and many other beings. Most modern scholars believe that the traits of the mother are dominant, unless an orc is involved, in which case the child is generally an orc.

Ichthy Lore & Culture

According to oral tradition the Ichthy originated in the Jurrian Ocean, southwest of Templhelm. There is evidence to support this due to the Ichthy dominated island nations in the area. Other than that their culture varies intensely. Ichthy are found all across Ateon and they are actually most often found in crowded cities, rather than islands or fishing villages. They haven't had many notable persons in their species, and most seem to be simple fishermen, or end up begging in the streets.

In the Royal Blood lines of the Jurrian there can only be one male offspring. When two are sired they must fight to the death, either when their father dies, when he abdicates from the throne, or when they both come of age, when they've each lived at least 15 years.


Ichthy typically speak the common tongue, like most races of Ateon, though their written language differs much more. In Ichthy writings "J"s sound like "Y"s, the "C" makes the "Ch" sound, and a "Dj" makes the "J" sound. This is because of aspects of the native language of the ancient Ichthy, understanding of which has been lost to history.

Known Ichthy

Remus Callidus (Gemini73) [Deceased]

Jason Reilev (Gemini73) [Deceased]

Arcus (Mchalo3a) [Deceased]

Drajileedi [Deceased]

Locations With Large Ichthy Populations


A large city, filled with crime and corruption, on the northeastern coast of the Setlian.

Terr'Jen Islands

The "birthplace of Ichthy". Believed to be where Akyan created the Ichthy by those who still follow their native religion. It is a flourishing, rich place to live at its best parts, but in its darkest crevices... there are some things better left unsaid. These islands are in the southeastern Jurrian Ocean.

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