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Khaz'Nuthbal Orks

They are Mountain troll and Tuskan Ork Hybrids. They are 4-7 feet high, their avarage weight is between 180-240kg. They are different from the other ork races. Their skin's colour is usually light brown with a bit orange shading. They usually have gray, black, and brown hair, however rarely but white hair colour appears to. Their tusks are much bigger than the avarage orcs's tusks. They have 4 tusks, 2 mayor great and 2 smaller one.


This is the usually appareance of a Khaz'Nuthbal ork. Their behavior is very similar to the other orkish races. However they are a bit less aggressive. They believe in Shamanism, and know the gods as "elements". They hardly appear in Templehelm. They live in a island far away from Templehelm. There is only rumors about wandering Khaz'Nuthbal orks in Templehelm.


They are an ancient race, they are the natives of the Island called Nathurus. It lays South/West from Templehelm. It happened that orks sailed away from their island and they end up in Templehelm. However only few of them ever returned to Nathurus. The Chieftain of the clan was Channus. He was a great seer. He was called the Greatest Shaman, who ever lived. However his brother Naxrimus saw the future in the black arts and he became one of the first warlocks. For years the shamans adn the warlocks lived in peace. After a while black orks with green glowing eyes appeared and attacked the citizens. Channus went to the warlocks cave to ask hims brother maybe he have any idea why this is happening, but when he saw his brother he was shocked. His brother was consumed with the darkness to. He realized that the warlocks are spreading this curse. The clan broke into 2 part. They started to kill each other. Channus was murdered by his own brother. In the loss of the Chieftain all of those who werent cursed sailed away. They reached the shores of Templehelm. They found themselves in the great deserts. They are looking for a new homeland and for a new chieftain.

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