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Kobolds are a diminutive race of reptilian tribal people.


Common Physiology

Kobolds are most often between two to five feet in height when fully grown, their skin is like that of a lizard but covered in scales rather than just skin. Scale colors vary but are most commonly, dark brown, and other muddied colors. When it comes to hair Kobolds can have feathers, horns, ridges, spines, and even actual fur. They are not cold blooded, but have trouble with body regulation all the same.

Kobolds Lore & Culture

Investigation has shown that they may have some form of centralized belief system or culture, but due to striking differences between some kobolds this is up for debate. There is no evidence to support or negate the idea of a central Culture or Belief System as most Kobolds that do speak the common tongue do not usually wish to speak of faith. Other than that their culture varies intensely. Kobolds are found all across Ateon and they are actually most often found in crowded cities, as well as areas hit by plague and where carrion may be easy to obtain. Very few Kobolds are seen as civilized enough to even commune or spend time with other races without causing some form of strife, as such it is doubted that any famous or notable Kobolds have been recorded in the known annals of history.

Kobolds usually flock around a tribe system, but if a tribe reaches a certain size an interesting occurrence always happens. One they either fall into absolute anarchy and fight among themselves until the tribe slips into smaller warring tribes, or in some rare cases they will centralize unite and become a town with unified laws and beliefs. This is so rare that only two such settlements exist; The first is Motra Hashaka in the Orci Desert, and the second lies in the area known as the Far East it is called Taka Tomash.

Myth of Origin

Each tribe usually develops its own theory of how Kobolds came to be, the following are Myths of Past and Present Kobold Society.

The First Born Myth

In this myth Kobolds had been hiding within the soil when the first songs of life flowed into the ground, some of these Kobolds curious exited their burrows and listened to the melody. As they did these Kobolds grew into the first descendants of dragons, those that did not listen emerged to see what had become of their brethren only to see their transformation and hide back again in shock. This Myth states that Kobolds came before dragons, but as dragons are acknowledged to be more powerful beings by most Kobolds this Myth was not the most popular.

The Traps

In this myth Dragons birthed by the queen are trapped by Zeolix firmly. they writhed to escape but they had been to large to do so, in order to survive the dragons condensed their consciousness and from their corpses burst the first Kobolds. This allowed the dragons to survive in a new smaller Draconic Form. This Myth States that Kobolds are a Different Evolved form of Dragons but only so that dragons could survive Zeolix's wrath. this was a theory birthed by the tribe that thrived before the Dragon Wars.

The Unknown

This is the newest and most widely accepted theory currently in Templehelm by Kobolds, that it is unknown that only through finding the origins of their creation will Kobolds survive this time in Templehelm and learn from their progenitors mistakes. This Theory is that Kobolds simply don't know yet but will have to find out for themselves not from the past scriptures of others.


Kobolds are raised to speak Draconic, some sub-divisions of Kobolds teach each different languages. Fairly intelligent Kobolds can learn many languages in one life time.

Kobold Archetypes

Most Kobolds who have not undergone many adaptations will fall into one of the following Archetypes, an Archetype if a Kobold is not heavily adapted will be usually be visible by adolescence.

Dwarfed Kobolds- Some kobolds do not grow properly, to be small for a race already so small can be dangerous, these tiny creatures tend to not leave the tribe. They are accepted as valuable members of Kobold Society.

Gargantuan Kobolds- These Kobolds are an oddity, they are usually huge and strong. Most Kobolds will end their foes by cunning and trickery, but Gargantuan Kobolds are brutes favoring a more direct route usually. These Kobolds have been shown to have increased appetite, as well as strange misgrowth in their musculature.

Egg Layer Kobolds- Most races frown upon this, but the fact of the matter is some Kobolds are born to lay eggs. They are not chosen to do this but through their own wishes to have pups and nurture them they adapt to do just that. Usually an Egg Layer Kobold does not fight but when they do it is usually in defense of the tribes pups.

Winged Kobolds- These Kobolds are uncommon but not unheard of, often they will also be dwarfed their arms and legs atrophied comparatively to other Kobolds. They are vicious beings who usually pick up enemies using sheer numbers and drop them again after a sufficient height. For some unknown reason they are extremely mentally defunct usually, most other Kobolds simply chalk it up to "Birdbrains."

Known Kobolds

Kassatha Te' Deceased

Brief Description: He is a unmatured Kobold with a Omnivore Bite Pattern, He is a thinker. His scales are various shades of red.

Makross Rek' Deceased

Brief Description: He is a Gargantuan Kobold with a Carnivore Bite Patter, he is physically resistant. His scales are a nearly black shade of blue.

Yussusa Wer' Deceased

Brief Description: She is an Egg Layer with a Herbivore Bite Pattern, she is a egg layer. Her scales are a light shade of blue with white spots.

Trakom Del' Deceased

Brief Description: He is a Winged Kobolds, and has a Omnivore Bite Pattern. His scales are a dark shade of green with twinges of light blue.

The Kobolds of Unity (200+) Deceased

Brief Description: The Shiver of Unity's Undercity is one of two small active communities that live and work in Templehelm.

Kelos Drakka (KelosDrakka) Alive

Brief Description: He is a descendant of Kassatha Te' seen as his "Inheritor Hatchling" and given a name fitting his title, one meaning "Become Dragon" in Kobold Tongue. His Scales are Black and Grey, though at birth he had a near albino shade of scales until he reached maturity. He is an Omnivore, and likely a Common Kobold mutated over a life of odd interactions with the happenings of Templehelm.

Starfalls Infestation (14) Deceased

Brief Description: These Kobolds have taken up to worshiping Zelphair, they are savage due to the fact that they are all Winged Kobolds, but they do not harm the people of Starfall out of respect and reverence to Zelphair.

Known Kobold Communities

The Undercity, consists of Humans and Kobolds who prefer to live underground and is lead by three Kobolds: Kassatha Te'(Not currently in the City.), Makross Rek', and Yussusa Wer'. It fell during the most recent reforming of the land. The Banner of the Undercity is as follows:


It is representative of the Kobolds will for individual freedom as a race. Before it fell in years past.

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