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The Mages of Templehelm have refined the power of their deities into powerful tools of life and death. You better think twice before walking into a fight with a Mage - you will never know what might happen next.


Mage Equipment

Leather Gold Chainmail Iron Diamond
Armour Yes No Yes No No





Sword Yes Yes No Yes No

Mage Features

- 45 Health

- 250 Mana

- Creed Specific magical powers (See below)

- Can use Brewing Stands.

Special MCMMO Ability

Repair - Arcane Forging (Conjurer, Oracle and Hexblade also have this.)

Gives you a chance to retain Enchantments on repaired items. The chance increases as you level up the Repair Skill.

Magic Missile

The staple spell of every Mage. A missile of magical energy darts forth from your fingertip and strikes the target. (10 Mana)

Base Abilities

Clarity - Faster Mana restoration for a short time. (20 Mana)

LifeTap - Sacrifice 10 Health for 50 Mana. (10 Health)





Arcane Bolt




Geyser - A Geyser of water lifts your target into the air. (20 Mana) (Dominion)

Drown - Target is silenced and takes 2 hits of damage for a short time. (40 Mana) (Dominion)

Osmosis - Takes Experience from Target and gives it to the Caster as Mana. (50 Mana) (Dominion)

Fissures - Living things near the targeted area are hit with Geysers. (60 Mana) (Dominion)

Artesian - A double strength Geyser. (60 Mana) (Dominion)

Drain - Take the targets health and heal yourself. (80 Mana) (Dominion)

Downpour - Summons a rain cloud that will slow, nauseate and weaken those who enter it. (100 Mana) (Acquired) (Dominion)


Phase - You pass through naturally occurring blocks. (50 Mana)

Cave Spit - Target is poisoned. (40 Mana)

Biolith - The Bones of target temporarily turn to stone. Preventing movement but also increasing resistance. (50 Mana)

Cave Minion - Summon a Cave Spider. (80 Mana)

Spider Web - Target is trapped in web. (50 Mana)

Stone Vision - You see through stone. (50 Mana)

Corrode - Summon a cloud of Slime that will melt through armour and severely harm those without any. (100 Mana) Acquired


Haze - Targets vision becomes hazy. (30 Mana) (Dominion)

Sun Walk - Appear at your Targeted Location (daylight required) (50 Mana) (Dominion)

Heatstroke - Target becomes slow and weak. (50 Mana) (Dominion)

Dune - Surround yourself with sand. (50 Mana) (Dominion)

Sand Tomb - Encase target in Sand. (50 Mana) (Dominion)

Dessicate - Cause your target pain and hunger. (70 Mana) (Dominion)

Sand Storm - Everyone nearby is slowed, covered in sand and gets hazy vision. (100 Mana) (Dominion)

Sandblast - Cause heavy damage to anything living thing nearby. (120 Mana) (Acquired) (Dominion)


Firebolt - Blast forward a small fireball. (20 Mana) (Dominion)

Nether Rage - Set living target on fire. (40 Mana) (Dominion)

Seeking Flame - A floating flame chases the target. (50 Mana) (Acquired) (Dominion)

Fireball - Blast forward a fireball. (40 Mana) (Dominion)

Rupture - An explosion that hits non-living things - and causes splash damage to those nearby. (60 Mana) (Dominion)

Flamewalk - Everything living that is close to you burns as you walk for a short time. (80 Mana)

Darkfire - A strange invisible fire surrounds the caster - nullifying any nearby Fire Protection Potion effects. 80 Mana

Combust - Burn and damage nearby living things. (140 Mana) (Dominion)


Blink - Appear at the location of the Targeted Animal. (20 Mana) (Dominion)

Leaf Tomb - Surround target with leaves, (25 Mana)

Stake - A wooden spike shoots up from the ground and skewers the target. (40 Mana)

Log Tomb - Surround someone with logs (50 Mana)

Log Wall - A wall of logs appear. (50 Mana)

Fertilise - Nearby crops grow. (100 Mana)

Wood Wisp - Summon a Wood Wisp to watch over you. (150 Mana) (Acquired)

Food - Your stomach becomes full. (200 Mana)


Frost Walk - Walk across the water. (20 Mana to activate - 4 per block walked)

Ice Tomb - Encases living targets in ice. (25 Mana) (Dominion)

Ice Wall - A wall of ice appears. (40 Mana) (Dominion)

Snow Shield - Encase yourself in Snow. 25 Mana (Dominion)

Ice Spike - A damaging spear of ice shoots up from the ground. (40 Mana) (Dominion)

Undead - Heals a Zombie or Skeleton. (50 Mana)

Freeze - Damage and freeze a target. (60 Mana) (Dominion)

Night Helper - Summons a Zombie or Skeleton. (80 Mana)

Blizzard - A blizzard appears around the caster. Anyone entering the blizzard is slowed, takes damage and is encased in ice. (130 Mana) (Dominion) (Acquired)


Grounded - Target cannot jump normally. (30 Mana)

Wingblast - A blast of air comes from the caster, causing splash damage and flinging when the sonic boom hits the ground. (40 Mana)

Zephyr - Launch target into the air. (50 Mana)

Gust - Create a strong gust of wind somewhere. (50 Mana)

Cloud Tomb - Encase target in Wool. (50 Mana)

Switch - Switch places with target. (80 Mana)

Tempest - Summon wild winds. (100 Mana)

Updraft - Create an Updraft. 100 Mana (Acquired)

Special Ability

Mana Booster (Conjurer, Healer and Illusionist also have this.)

Increases your mana to 350 and increases its regeneration rate to 10.

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