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Sporadic Deity of Decay and Flaw

Followers of Mycelyix can cause mushrooms to sprout from the ground on appropriate soil (/c mushroom).

To become a Follower of Mycelyix- visit the Ruined Temple in the islands of the North Eastern part of the map.


Choice Spells

Islebeast - Summons a mooshroom. (50 Mana)

PlagueBound - Returns a Mycelyite to the Mycelyix temple. Cast with a brown mushroom and wait for xp bar to fill up. (50 Mana + brown mushroom)

Mycelyix Archer

Mushroom Bow: Traps the target in a mushroom tomb


Plague Bow: Wither Effect


Spore Bow: Creates an AOE damage


Mage Spells

Mushroom Tomb - Traps the target in Mycelium.

PlaguedSoil - Grows Mycelium around the Caster.

Stalk - Requires Mycelium, causes Nausea, Slowness and damage in the victim. The caster must accept his flaws in blindness.

Mold - The Caster accepts his flaws of Nausea and Slowness in order to be gifted great strength.

Hyphae - The caster accepts his flaws of weakness for great resistance.

Primordium - The caster accepts his flaws of hunger for great regeneration.

Decay - The caster accepts the flaw of weakness to damage the target

Putrefy - The caster sacrifices his hearts and hunger for extra mana.

Spores - The caster accepts his flaw of slowness to spread Mycelium and AOE damage surrounding targets.


SporeCloud - Surrounding targets are dealt damage, weakness and Nausea.

MCMMO Abilities

Shroom Thumb

Using a mushroom on a block of dirt will attempt to use "Shroom Thumb". If successful, it will turn the block of dirt into a block of mycelium, consuming both a red and a brown mushroom upon doing so.

To do this, you will need both a red and brown mushroom in your inventory and a sufficiently high Herbalism level. The chances of your success increases with your Herbalism level, but both mushrooms will be consumed whether you succeed or not.

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