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Passionate Deity of the Nether

Netharna followers are Immune to Fire and Lava Damage and are the only Creed that can use Lava Buckets effectively. Ghasts will not attack a Netharna.

To become a Follower of Netharna - visit the Netharna Temple in the Nether.


Special Craft

Extra Nether Brick (Blocks) can be crafted by filling all Crafting table spaces with Nether Brick (Item)

Creed Choice Spells

Immolate - Ignite yourself, and anyone that comes near.

Netherbind / Netherbound - Return to your true home.

Netharna Archer

Recipes available here:

Flame Bow - Sets your arrows on fire.

Heat Bow - Burns anyone standing near were this arrow lands.

Explosive Bow - Injures anyone standing near were this arrow explodes upon landing.

Wildfire Bow - Fire leaps from entity to entity a few times.

Netharna Mage | Pyromancer

Firebolt - Blast forward a small fireball. (20 Mana) (Dominion)

Nether Rage - Set living target on fire. (40 Mana) (Dominion)

Seeking Flame - A floating flame chases the target. (50 Mana) (Acquired) (Dominion)

Fireball - Blast forward a fireball. (40 Mana) (Dominion)

Rupture - An explosion that hits non-living things - and causes splash damage to those nearby. (60 Mana) (Dominion)

Flamewalk - Everything living that is close to you burns as you walk for a short time. (80 Mana)

Darkfire - A strange invisible fire surrounds the caster - nullifying any nearby Fire Protection Potion effects. 80 Mana

Combust - Burn and damage nearby living things. (140 Mana) (Dominion)

Special MCMMO Abilities

Smelting - Vanilla XP Boost

The amount of vanilla XP that comes from smelting in a furnace is increased with this ability. This ability is only unlocked after 100+ smelting skill.

Smelting - Flux Mining - (Cavilon also has this)

Whenever a player mines an ore, the ore has a chance to smelt itself (E.g. an iron bar will drop instead of an iron ore). This ability is unlocked after level 250+ smelting.

Smelting - Fuel Efficiency

This ability increases the time fuel will burn in a furnace when smelting stuff. The time will increase the higher your smelting skill is.

Blastmining - Bigger Bombs

Blast Radius of TNT increases as this Skill Levels up.

Blastmining - Detonate

Remotely activate TNT by equipping Flint & Steel, and right clicking on the TNT when it is in their line of sight.

Blastmining - Demolitions Expertise - (Cavilon also has this)

Reduces damage from TNT explosions.

Taming - Thick Fur

Unlocks at Taming level: 250

Reduces damage to the pet and gives fire resistance.

Taming - Shock Proof

Unlocks at Taming level: 500

Reduces explosive damage to the pet.

Creed Introduction

Molten flame falls from the top, sands of death replace the plains

Hordes of anger cross the ground, white floaters blast soon ends their games

A purple haze shall lead them in, a burning death shall lead them out

None shall ever venture in, her realm's sanctity leaves no doubt

Only her people dare enter to, only her people dare enter out

Bodies that bathe in lava, auras that the floaters avoid

Her chosen people can rise once more

Into this realm they will dwell, this realm of fire and strife

Weak shall perish and the strong shall stand

Servants shall rise, One-eyed shall judge

Here lies her simple law

Do justice

Be good

That is all

by The Poet Sinna

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