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The Noble class is only able to be obtained through Donation.

Nobles are the wealthy rulers of Factions - they provide the safe havens for the other denizens in the land.


Noble Equipment

Leather Gold Chainmail Iron Diamond
Armour Yes Yes Yes No No





Sword Yes Yes Yes Yes No

Noble Features

- 40 Health

- 100 Mana

- Only a Noble can wear Gold Armour and Wield a Gold Sword. Although gold may provide less protection than other types of armour, it is seen as a symbol of status of wealth, and a way to stand out from the Citizens of their faction.

- Nobles can Convoke (teleport) another player to their location.

- Only Nobles can Create Factions and assign Knights to the Faction.

- Nobles can Rally and Intimidate.

Noble Spells

Convoke - Nobles can summon a player to their location by using the spell command /c Convoke <playername> (This costs 1 Gold Ingot.) This will send a request to a player to teleport directly to you. They can accept the summon by typing /accept. (Arcanists also have this spell - Summon)

Rally - Rally those gathered around you, giving them strength. (50 Mana)

Embolden - Give someone else strong Resistance for 50 seconds. (50 Mana)

Inspire - Give someone else extra Strength for 50 Seconds. (50 Mana)

Silence - Silence those around you - say "Silence!" in chat. (50 Mana)

Special Abilities

Intimidate - Doing damage while wielding a Gold Sword gives a 30% chance of making your enemy Weak (they will deal 2 hearts less melee damage for a short time)

Glorify - Killing something will give you a 25% chance of gaining Strength.


Noble is the only Class that can Create and Disband Factions - Promote Members to Knights and alter Faction permissions and Grant Personal Lots etc.

On top of the usual Faction Commands - Nobles also have access to Extra Faction Commands. View this page for a break-down:

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