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Nox is a plague that originated from Syzar Island.

The cure is unknown...

The symptoms are known, and gruesome.

Stage One: The character would begin to experience a mild fever, along with mild nausea. Eating or drinking of any sort would simply make the upset tummy worse- although they should be able to get through the week. As Stage One progresses, their fever would begin to make them hazy and impair their judgment. They may experience bouts of sneezing and coughing, causing a sore or dry throat and watery eyes. If the symptoms (And ultimately virus its self) are not combated, they will begin Stage Two in 3-7 In-Character weeks. Potential contagious variables of Stage One include: Sharing of bodily fluids, and occasionally sharing of airspace. Not very contagious, but people in Stage One are also able to infect community water sources.

Stage Two: As their fever rises, they would become quite crippled. Everyday tasks would be done in a dizzy haze. This isn't helped by how they have to fight the urge for anything they swallow not to come back up. Those who are in Stage Two for too long may experience internal bleeding in their gastrointestinal tract (Very bad!!). The real danger in Stage Two is the excessively impaired judgment, victims of this sickness being unable to think straight in Stage Two. Someone would progress to Stage Three in 14-21 In-Character weeks... if they live that long. Potential contagious variables of Stage Two include: Sharing of bodily fluids, prolonged physical contact, and sharing of airspace. Persons in Stage Two are also able to infect Animals, Stored Food, and Water sources.

Stage Three: Those who reach Stage Three would be rather.. miserable. Surprisingly, the nausea would fade- but they would have experienced the aforementioned internal bleeding by now and the dangerous symptom would continue. This may result in them occasionally spitting up blood. Dizziness, Hallucinations, Fever, and random spurts of unconsciousness would be all familiar to those in Stage Three. They may find their hearing also impaired, and their mental capabilities absolute squat. Potential contagious variables of Stage Three include: Sharing of bodily fluids, physical contact, sharing of airspace, sharing of bedding, sharing of materials/tools/items. Persons in Stage Three are also able to infect Animals, Stored Food, porous material, smaller sized rooms, and Water sources.

Stage FOUR: If you've reached the fourth stage, I feel sorry for you. Those in this stage should be quarantined. They most likely cannot stand anymore. When not unconscious, they experience hardcore hallucinations. Their mental capabilities are for naught. ( None. ) Major internal bleeding. Basically rotting from the inside. Their head is as hot as a furnace with fever. Spitting up blood is not unusual. Unless kept under strict medical supervision, death is imminent. The plague shuts down their immune system, causing more than just the plague to be able to infect them. Persons in Stage Four are also able to infect Animals, Stored Food, porous material, larger sized rooms, and Water sources. Good luck.

Mycelyix first started to spread the plague via the Son of Mycelyix, Damien.

Damien unknowing of the plague, that he would have happily spread for his Lord anyway, came across a village. In this village he noticed the buildings begin to decay at a unusual rate. Thus the plague had begun its journey, through the town, through the villagers, until finally making its way to Undying Blood. A few other carriers were also found throughout Templehelm.

More to come as the Plague progresses...

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