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Raks'z'il'of is an ancient school of magic that focuses on attaining visions of the past, present, and even the future.



In the centuries following the First Deiotakas the Akwhales of Jazad gathered and grew. They studied the magics of Templehelm and those of Akwal himself, eventually developing their own distinct schools of magic. Raks'z'il'of was just one of these schools, but it is perhaps one of the most intriguing.


Raks'z'il'of involves the usage of rituals, artifacts, meditation, substance, and/or prayer. Some or all of these various aspects can be combined in almost any number of ways to practice the art of Raks'z'il'of.

That does not mean there aren't time tested rituals and specific methods to practice Raks'z'il'of, but it is known that the ancients encouraged expirimentation with magic and recognized that only through trial and error could it be improved and that some methods may work better for some mages than others.

Even so, there are many very specific features to Raks'z'il'of.

Scrying Pool

Nearly all forms of Raks'z'il'of involve some sort of Scrying Pool. This can be as small as a bowl for face washing or as large as the Sea itself. There is no correct option, though most seers favor anything between the size of a bathtub to a well.

Usage of the pool varies somewhat and can often be dependent on size. Unlike many seers, those of Jazad usually do not just look into the Scrying Pool. Rather, they generally submerge themselves or their faces.

Gems and Artifacts

Like many different schools of Divination, Raks'z'il'of often uses artifacts like gems or crystals. Usage, however, varies greatly. Many seers use gems of focusing or of greater sight to highten their abilities. Specific usage is up to the seer; some have been known to hold the gems, while others put them in the pool or even over their eyes while they are submerged. Other artifacts, like Crystal Balls or Scrying Mirrors are not necessarily common, but have been used alongside (or in rare cases in place of) Scrying Pools.


Raks'z'il'of is a skill of the mind, not an active use of magic like other schools. It requires a great deal of focus or an open, clear mind.

Most seers of Jazad meditate before, during, and/or after their ritual, usually focusing on a specific issue or question. When there is no specific goal to the ritual, the seer will sometimes meditate to clear his/her mind so that Akwal might send wisdom or prophesy.


Strong ales, herbal teas, incense, potions, and poultices are all staples of Raks'z'il'of. These substances can be used to open the mind, to focus the spirit, and to gain sight beyond the physical realm. In some cases substances that are known to cause powerful hallucinations are taken with the hope that Akwal might guide the visions towards truth and new sight.

These substances can be consumed, applied to the skin, inhaled, mixed into the Scrying Pool, and used in really any other way imagineable.


As Raks'z'il'of is an Akwelsh school of magic it is heavily focused on the Sea God. Water is a necessary part of all rituals, even if a Scrying Pool is not used.

Raks'z'il'of is almost considered a type of prayer itself. The seer is allowing his eyes to be openned by the Sea God and he is seeking knowledge by connecting himself to Akwal's domain, the Waters of Templehelm. This is an intimate and very personal experience, leading to great personal revelation and divine sight beyond sight.

Even so, Raks'z'il'of is often accompanied by a prayer at some point during or near the time of the ritual. This leaves no doubt that Raks'z'il'of is a deeply religious experience, which is one reason that only Akwhales can predorm it (the other being the prolonged submersion underwater).

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