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An Emeraldite Oracle, an Oracle of Planu - raced through the colonnades of the Emeraldite Castle - His hands outstretched in front of him, gripping a blank piece of Paper. Upon reaching the Throne Room he slid on his knees with such speed, that it brings him to the feet of the King.

"I have words from Planu" Says the Oracle - holding the paper above his bowed head.

The King takes a deep breath while he reaches forward from his throne.

"This Paper is blank" Says the King.

The Oracle gasps and bows his head deeper.

"Well, explain" Says the King

With some hesitation and a whimpering lilt the Oracle looks up.

"Planu said that the King would be able to read it." Says the Oracle.

The King narrows his eyes and looks at the paper.

The King widens his eyes and stares at the paper.

"I perceive this message to mean one thing - " Starts the King, when suddenly an Emeraldite Guard bursts into the Throne Room.

"My King!" Shouts the Guard with excitement. The Guard is about to explain, but is suddenly frozen on the spot - as from behind him, a translucent and glowing white sheep slowly strides into the Throne Room - staring at the King. In it's mouth a Quill and in it's eyes the depth of the deepest mine.

As the sheep approaches the King, it becomes more translucent, and continues to fade until the quill drops from it's mouth at the feet of the King and the Sheep disappears entirely.

The King does not hesitate, he picks up the Quill and begins to write on the Blank Sheet of Paper. His Eyes glow as bright as Emeralds - his hand moves swifter than the greatest scribe.

The King fills the page, and drops the quill and slumps into his throne.

The Oracle takes the Paper, holds it up to the light and reads aloud.

"The wonders are here,

and time has begun.

The days will be short,

but their stories long.

Honour the Life.

Honour the Ground.

Honour my Children.

And peace will be found"

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