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Rogues are capable of sneaky combat and nimble tricks. They are also very capable assassins and highly skilled at stealthy combat. Rogues are also masters thieves that can steal from the pockets of others.


Rogue Equipment

Leather Gold Chainmail Iron Diamond
Armour Yes No No No No





Sword Yes Yes No Yes No

Rogue Features

- 60 Health

- 200 Mana

- Leap very high and run very fast.

- So stealthy they can become invisible to monsters and other players.

- Chance to negate all fall damage by rolling out of a fall by holding shift.

- Acrobatics Skills/Abilities.


(Activated the same way as spells, by binding or /cast command)

Sprint - A passive ability that triggers the speed potion effect when sprinting.

Jump - A spell that grants the leaping potion effect for 20 seconds. (50 Mana)

Leap - Jump very high and far. 5 Second Cooldown. (1 Hunger)

Stealth - Become invisible to Mobs for 30 seconds. (50 Mana)

Shadowstep - Teleport to behind a target. (25 Mana)

Dash - Dash into your enemy. (50 mana)

Hide - Can become invisible when standing in a darkened area. Cancels on giving damage and prevents pickups. (25 Mana + 10 Mana each 2 seconds) (Become visible on give & take damage, Spell Cast, or entering light)

Special Abilities

Steal - Steal 25 Experience from someone 1 block away. Must use Shears. (50 Mana)

These abilities can only be activated within 2 blocks of Target:

Ambush - Do heavy damage (Must be Invisible) (75 Mana)

Eviscerate - Does lighter Damage, but ignores armour and causes Weakness and Hunger (75 Mana)

Special MCMMO Abilities

Graceful Roll

Same as 'Roll', but double the chance rate, and double the negated fall damage. To activate, Hold shift while falling and continuing to hold it until you hit the ground.


Chance to halve all damage taken in combat. The chance rate will increase as you train the Acrobatics Skill.

Unarmed - Berserk

Increases unarmed damage by 50%. Higher levels do not increase this bonus, but increases its duration by 1 second every 50 levels. Its base duration is of 2 seconds. To activate this skill, right-click with the mouse while unarmed. While active weak blocks like dirt can be broken with the fist and stone bricks are cracked. During berserk items can't be picked up.

Unarmed - Arrow Deflect

Causes arrows that strike the player to harmlessly fall to the floor.

Arrow Deflect chance increases with 0.05% per level and caps at 50% at level 1000, but your unarmed level can go above 1000.

Unarmed - Iron Arm

Iron Arm Style adds extra damage to your normal hits using Fist. To start with, McMMO increases the Damage by 3. This scales by 1 extra attack damage every 50 levels, capping at level 250 with 8 damage increment. Note that Damage is reduced if hitting enemies using Armor.

Unarmed - Disarm Disarm is a very powerful weapon in PvP, it gives you a chance to make the enemy you are fighting drop their item held in their hand, this chance has a cap at 33% at level 1000, and can be used on everything held in hand (Sword, Bow, Notch Apples...) The item held in the hand will get dropped out of the person's inventory on to the ground, this will happen as if the person has thrown it him/herself. Both players can pick the dropped item back up, so be fast. (+0.0333...% per level until max of 33%)

This ability is countered by Berserker and Duelist's ability - Iron Grip.

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