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Rot is a hallucinogenic substance sold by the Cartel in bottles. It is similar to their substance of Weeeeed, though it's use is more widespread, and results in a larger effect.

The substance currently hasn't been seen/sold since the Second Deiotakas, though a Rot tree has been sighted in Planu Heath. The lack of Rot seems to be due to the Cartel's distribution networks being destroyed during the Second Deiotakas, as they no longer have their old, safe routes to transport the substance.


The origins of the substance are not known, though there are many rumours about where it originates:

  • It is thought to be produced by the cartel from the sap of a rotting tree in Planu Heath.
  • It may also have been produced from within Thyvor at a time when the faction was persecuting many due to possession of the substance.
  • Some claim that the rot trees only produce the substance when within a mile of the Rot addict, king David of Evorga, though this is one of the more unlikely possibilities.

Legal Status Throughout Templehelm

As the substance is known for its extreme properties, it is illegal in the majority of factions. This is almost the default status on the substance, and it is very rare that it will be legal within a faction. Due to this, dealers of the substance have to be very careful, and anyone caught with it in their possession is likely to be punished.

Evorga, however has proclaimed the substance to be legal, an act that has drawn much criticism from others in Templehelm, and even led to tariffs being placed on the kingdom. The decision did however benefit the treasury, as citizens from other factions often tried to travel to Evorga to purchase the substance.

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