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If you break a rule, you will be kicked. If you break the same rule again, you will be banned.

If your violations are of a severe enough nature, you will be IP-banned. This is determined on a case-by-case basis.


1. Hacks

Use of Modded Minecraft Clients that provide an unfair PVP, Movement, Building or Material Finding advantage is bannable. We know when hacks are being used and you won't receive a warning before your ban.

For a list of pre-approved Mods see: Pre-approved Mods.

2. Regular Etiquette:

a. Do not argue or make any kind of bigoted, abusive or derogatory remarks in OOC chat. This is only allowed outside of the channel, but only if done in an in-character manner. We kindly ask you to take any OOC arguments to PMs or the site.

b. Do not accuse another player of hacking, powergaming, metagaming, or breaking any rule at all whilst in-game. Report rule-breaking on the private Contact Staff section of the forums.

c. Do not camp at another player's spawn location with intent to kill - this is spawn-killing, and it will not be tolerated.

d. Do not argue with Staff, and do not single them out or otherwise speak badly of them in-game. If you have an issue with a staff member, or think that there might be abuse in play, report the issue using the appropriate forum or PM your Administrative team directly.

e. Do not interrupt or disrupt staff interactions with players either through your actions or over chat. This includes statements like "Oh that's just an admin," "Go away admin," or "Oh, the admins just hate you."

f. You must use a skin styled to fit the high fantasy/medieval setting.

g. All acts of vandalism/griefing must have an RP motivation or explanation behind it. (If your motivation or explanation is that you are roleplaying a bandit or vandal while you grief excessively, but you don't actually do any roleplaying, that is not tolerable.)

h. Please do not post xyz coordinates in the OOC channel - this is to avoid metagaming or other incidents. If you want to share your base location or the location of a temple with someone, /t them if you are a healer - or message them on the site.

i. Do not ask Staff for things like godmode, custom spells, elytra, etc. in game repeatedly. You will be kicked and banned if you intentionally annoy staff with foolish requests.

3. Roleplay Etiquette:

a. Don't get excessively crass whilst in-character, and refrain from using modernisms (words or slang commonly used nowadays that wouldn't normally be used in our medieval high-fantasy setting) in your character's speech.

b. No descriptive erotic roleplay. It is fine to have romantic relations, but do not perform actions describing sexual acts in-game. It will be seen.

c. All romantic relations between characters must be consensual both in and out of character.

d. No pedophilia in roleplay. Characters who are too young to consent (below 18, or even at an undefined age with child-like persona and features) are not permitted to be in relationships with older characters.

e. Don't break another players RP. When you come across someone else role-playing, show respect and do not interrupt them by spamming the area chat with OOC stuff. If you are within range of roleplaying players, only speak OOC in the OOC channel to be considerate of their immersion.

4. Accountability

Everything that you do in game can be recognized as an in-character action.

If you steal, grind, gain, harvest, destroy, or build, then your character can be held accountable for doing so, and there could be in-character consequences to your character's more meaningful actions. Saying that your character did not do it, but you did it purely out-of-character, is no excuse and will not be accepted or prove your innocence.

Additionally, if someone is somehow causing you grief in a manner that is not roleplay friendly or not intended to be in-character, you should always take their actions as in-character and respond through roleplay instead of assuming that their actions are motivated by out-of-character reasoning. Keep in mind that just because you don't believe their character has any reason to do something like steal, kill, or destroy something does not mean you're right. They may have secrets about their character's nature that could lead them to do things you couldn't predict.

5. Grinders, Exploits, Lag

a. Do not seek out exploits or use any exploits for personal gain.

b. You must report any exploits found to the Crimson Ingot Staff or Administrative team. An exploit includes anything that contravenes the intended mechanics advised on the wiki or forums.

c. Grinders and generators are banned. These are any contraptions that are not lore-friendly and give an unfair advantage in grinding to the player.

d. All blocks dropped through digging and mining should be picked up or destroyed. If you have no room left in your inventory you can discard stacks of 64 blocks.

6. The Landscape

Do not grief the natural landscape. Don't spread lava and water or place any blocks randomly in the wilderness with no purpose or intent. Excessive destruction of the wilderness will not be tolerated. If you need to remove a substantial amount of blocks from the landscape, this must be done in faction claimed land, or have reasonable roleplay explanation behind the destruction. If your reasoning is unreasonable by our standards then you will face consequences.

7. Faction Names

a. Faction names cannot contain numbers or special characters (eg. $#2%[email protected]) and must start with a capitalised letter.

b. Faction names and Descriptions MUST be of a RP flavour.

c. Faction names cannot be too close a derivative of the Creed they represent - eg. no Wintifal or Nethana etc. There must be at least 2 letters different and it cannot be phonetically the same.

8. No Power/Meta-Gaming

a. Meta Gaming is using OOC knowledge for IC interactions.

Example A: if you have read a character's bio or back-story on the Forum, you may know, but your character does not yet know these things and cannot use them in RP until you have discovered it through RP or have a valid explanation for knowing.

Example B: if someone in the OOC channel says their character is somewhere your character wouldn't otherwise know about, your character does not know where they are, and you should never seek them out unless there is consent in this interaction.

Example C: if your character is making something like a love potion or a taco, consider where or how they might've learned to do such things, and make sure that you actually have access to the ingredients/components needed for inventing/crafting. If you ignore this example, you won't be severely punished, but your roleplay will not be supported by Staff, because this is a form of meta.

b. Power-Gaming is imposing outcomes through RP without giving other participants a chance to respond, or a choice in what happens to their character as an outcome (ie. /me punches you and kills you instantly then runs away at light-speed).

Example A: Instead of /me cuts your hair off while your back is turned., you would say /me attempts to cut your hair off while your back is turned. - then they could reply, "Hey! What were you going to do with those shears!?" or "You cut of my hair! How dare you, you will pay for this!"

Example B: Do not roleplay other people's characters. Deciding what other characters do, or what happens to them - without that player's consent - is a form of powergaming. Instead of /me as you charge towards me, you trip and fall on your face. do /me moves out of the way of the attack.

Example C: If you are going to attack or grief an enemy faction, do not ever do so while all members are offline. This does not allow them the opportunity to react accordingly to any damage that could be done as they would if they were online and witnessing it, as their character might be there in essence even if the player is not logged on and in-game.

9. DBAD (Don't Be A ... Dongle)

Generally speaking, if you are unsure if your actions will be against the above rules, think about it this way:

  • Is your primary motivation OOC for doing what you're doing?
  • Are you targeting other players ICly for OOC reasons?
  • ICly, would your character have a good reason to do what you are doing?
  • Are you doing something to deliberately ruin the enjoyment of other players?
  • Are you going to be seen as being a jerk OOCly for doing what you're doing?

If so, don't do it.

Being a jerk when it's completely in character is fine. Being a jerk out of character, in the community, is what we will take issue with.

Formally speaking, repeated behavior that diminishes the enjoyment of the server for players or staff will result in a ban.

10. Ban Appeals

Use the forum here: (This is a private forum, only you and staff can see your appeal in this section of the Forum)

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