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What are Settlements?

A Settlement is any Town/City etc. that is controlled by a Faction.

Nobles can submit their Settlements to be added to the official Templehelm Map:

Settlements successfully added to the Templehelm Map can start attracting Traits to various builds around the Settlement.

Traits are special perks that buildings or certain areas gain. For example. A Tavern might start selling a special Ale.

How to get onto the Templehelm Map:

The leader of the Faction who controls the Settlement creates a new thread on the Settlement Submission Forum Here:

The "Thread Subject" must be in the format: <Name of Settlement> - <Ruling Faction> - <Town or City>

The Post should contain <Number of Quality Builds> - <Coordinates of Settlement>

You can just post the number of Quality Builds - or go into more detail to assist staff in verifying the eligibility.

"Number of Quality Builds" refers to how many Builds the Settlement contains (see below "Quality Builds")

Whether or not the Settlement is accepted and added to the Map will come down to a poll.


To be eligible to get onto the map as a Town - The Settlement must have at least 10 quality builds, and 5 or more members.

To be eligible to get onto the map as a City - The Settlement must have at least 15 quality builds, and 10 or more members.

To be eligible to get onto the map as a Nation - The Settlement must have at least 25 quality builds, 15 or more members, a sustainable food source (crop or animal farms etc.), and a system of government devised.

Quality Builds

Quality builds are structures, buildings, or rooms in a Settlement that are of high quality. They should have a good level of size, detail and preferably furnished.

Here is an example list of what you might include in your town (this is only a rough guide):

- A Main Hall (Town Hall/Meeting Hall/Guild Hall/Social Hall etc.)

- Large Dwelling (Mansion, Inn)

- Place(s) of Worship (Temple/Shrine/Church)

- Social Venues (Tavern, Theatre, Arena)

- Education Facility (Library, University, Barracks)

- Strong Fortifications (Walls, Watchtower, Castle, Main Fortification, Nobles Quarters)

- Infrastructure (Market Stall, Plaza, Stables, Forge, Brewery, Cemetery, Sewers, etc.)

- Potential Stores (Blacksmith, Baker, Apothecary etc.)

- A Government Building (Treasury, Archives, Courthouse, Parliament etc.)

- Communal Farms (Windmill, Granary, Slaughterhouse, Quarry, Lumber Mill)

- Scenic Areas (Courtyard, Plaza, Groves, Orchard, etc.)

- Others - Be creative and make whatever you deem an important place of structure (ie. Statues, Dojos, Armoury, Wizard Tower, Harbours, Communal Mines, Information Centres etc.)

Aesthetic Requirement

It should also be noted that a Settlement will only appear on the Templehelm Map if it has the overall look and feel of a Town or City.

It should have a good level of detail, appearance and layout. ie. roads and other infrastructure. If you aren't the best at building, find and hire someone to help you.

You can make your Settlement look as strange or even "ruined" as you like - but it must be done with style.

Qualifications for Fast-Travel

Since our world is relatively new, if you want to qualify for fast travel, you will need to create the method yourself.

If you want to have a cart route, then you will need a path that may either connect to a major road or another settlement.

If you want to have a ship route, then you will need a dock, ships, and a travel route planned.

Requesting Traits

Traits cannot be requested. However if you have built something you think might attract a trait - then draw attention to it by making an announcement on the Forum - and updating everyone on the developments of your Settlement. You can also let Staff know of developments in the Settlement by posting in your original Settlement Submission Thread.

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