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As prior knowledge, it is important to know where Shadowborne come from. The kingdom of Darkeriia, far away from Templehelm, Is where this race first appeared. Some say Da Meiona Ian Shadrozo, the deity worshiped there, created them from the darkest of shadows and the purest of Amethyst, sacred stone of shadows. This, however, is merely legend. Whatever their original origin, they are uncommon, as they are rare enough to be born, and must communicate with Da Meiona in order to develop their abilities. Without contact to Da Meiona, they are not truly Shadowborne.


The Shadowborne look just like any other human or demi-human you might see, but there are some things they all have in common. First off, they are usually pale when compared to others. Second, they tend to have dark hair, such as brown or black. And finally, all Shadowborne have purple, black, silver, or gray eyes.

Life of a Shadowborne

Shadowborne are not a completely distinct race of their own, but rather a sub-race found in humans and most demi-humans. Most Shadowborne are in fact born from parents with little to no Shadowborne blood. The young Shadowborne is indistinguishable from others during his early childhood, because many normal humans in Darkeriia have the same features - on the occasion they are born elsewhere, these traits may go unnoticed or even discriminated against. Once they reach the age of twelve, however, many things change. This is when they suddenly begin to excel in their classes that teach of the Darkeriian religion and history, knowing things that they were never taught. They know these things due to a weak, but growing connection with Da Meiona. As they age, they learn more. In their twenties or so, most will fully establish a connection with Da Meiona, and their progress on their unique powers will greatly speed up. Those who are born with the unique aura of a Shadowborne outside of Darkeriia and its holdings will often not even know of it, as the lack of Da Meiona's presence stunts this connection.


As mentioned before, Shadowborne can develop abilities and powers by communing with Da Meiona. This can be achieved because of a somewhat rare phenomenon that causes his or her aura to spontaneously take on a shape and function similar to the Darkeriian style of Runes. When this happens - at age twelve - powers begin to develop. At first they remain subtle, not even manifested on a visible plain of existence. (More info in future)

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