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SkillAPI is now used in tandem with mcMMO as the basis of Crimson Ingot gameplay! SkillAPI introduces a system of Attributes and Skill Points that play together for top of the line customization - effectively, classes have been rendered null in favour of a system that promotes the ultimate customization options for you and your Role Play.

When you first login to the server, you should be in the Tutorial Level. At this Tutorial Level, you are able to use /chooseclass to open a GUI in which you can select a Starting Playstyle. Playstyles have preloaded Attributes and Traits. You may also opt to be a Wanderer, who begins with nothing, able to allocate points with ultimate customization.


That's touching on what's to come, but here's what we have in terms of stat customisation! (subject to change)

Players will note they have begun with 1 attribute point and 2 skill points. As mentioned before, attributes can be upgraded via /class attr and skills via /class skill.

The maximum level at the moment is 100, but the goal is to make levelling infinite but extremely difficult past level 100.

Current Attributes:

Vitality - increases the player's health by 0.5 hearts per level.

Strength - increases damage with swords and axes by 0.1 damage (0.05 hearts) per level. Allows you to wear armors without drawbacks.

Dexterity - increases physical skills damage and damage of bleeding caused by physical skills.

Arcana - increases mana by 1 per level and mana regeneration by 2% per level. (Mana in SkillAPI not yet implemented: for the skills we have at the moment, you'll be using Stamina - which will be explained shortly).

Intelligence - required to learn esoteric knowledge. Increases damage for witchcraft skills scaling with intelligence. (Esoteric knowledge not yet implemented - also you'll have to have Lytless answer your questions regarding this aspect-to-come).

Faith - increases damage done by creed spells, may grow to increase duration/reduce cost for casting skills related to faith as well. (This doesn't work yet, as I haven't remade any MagicSpells creed spells in SkillAPI).

Current Physical Traits:

Constitution - Increases defense against bleeding caused by dexterity skills. Also increases natural knockback resistance, damage taken by poison, and damage taken by starvation. Each resistance maxes at 50%.

Elemental Resistance - Increases defense against creed spells (as I said, not yet working) as well as fire, fire-tick, lava, lightning and drowning. Each resistance maxes at 50%.

Magical Resistance - Increases defense against spells with magic damage. Increases defense against Dragon Breath, Void, and witch-magic damage. Each resistance maxes at 50%.

Stamina - Players are advised to put a single point into stamina with one of the 2 points granted upon starting, else they'll be unable to cast any physical skill. Stamina begins at 20, with a regen of 1 per second. Each skill point put into stamina raises stamina by 2 and stamina regen by 0.2 per second. Skills will not cast if the player does not have enough stamina.

Strength skills are so named because they demonstrate your character's strength when using these skills. A skill like "Lift" for example allows a character with a high strength attribute to lift more than one target at a time, and for longer. Another skill, "Sprint Burst," doesn't require strength for added usability, as putting points into the skill can be seen as the RPC just practicing their sprinting. "Leap" makes a new debut in SkillAPI, and your leap height is tied directly to your strength.

Dexterity skills are all about how talented and physically coordinated your character is. Dexterity skills include a passive which increases archery damage, a passive remake of the MCMMO "Roll" skill which has a chance of succeeding proportional to your dexterity level, and a few other physically maiming skills for you to have fun with.

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