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Cast List

/cast list will show you a list of spells your character is able to cast.

For further detail on each spell, see Category:Spell_Compendium

Cast Items

Some spells require you to be holding a particular item to cast. Hold this item and left click to cast a spell.

If you have multiple spells bound to the same item, right click with that item in hand to select the spell you want to use.


Some spells require you to be in a specific biome to be cast, like Wildaven spell, Blink.

Bind to Items

Note: Spell Names do not have spaces when Binding.

Some spells don't require any particular thing to be held to cast. This means you can Bind the spell to any item.

This is done by holding the item and using the command /cast bind <spell> - where <spell> is the spell you wish to bind.

You can unbind by using the /cast unbind <spell> command. Or just change the item that a spell is binding to by holding a different item and using the /cast bind <spell> command again.

Binding can be useful in various ways - You won't need to cycle through all of your Spells using one item, and can assign different spells to different objects - perhaps you could put these objects in the hotbar for easy spell selection.

There is a spell named "No Spell" that you can use to create an empty slot on an item with other spell/s bound to it.

This is useful for when you have a spell bound to an item that you also want to use without that spell being cast - Just bind "No Spell" to the item as well - This way you can cycle to No Spell when not wanting to use any of the other spells bound to the item.

Cast with Command

Note: Spell Names do not have spaces when casting with a command.

Some spells can be cast with the /cast command.

For example: /cast fireball - will cast a Fireball for a Netharna Mage.

This means that you could install the MacroMod and assign these commands to various key's on your keyboard for quick casting.

Note: Any spells that requires you to hold a particular Cast Item - will still need to be held when using the /cast command.


Different Classes have a set amount of Mana Points - Using Spells, Arrows and some Abilities will cost Mana.

The Mana cost of Spells Vary - but all Arrows cost 50 Mana to Activate.

All Classes have 200 Mana, except for Kings and Warriors who have 100 Mana

How to view Mana:

When you cast a Spell, or Activate an Arrow - your Experience Bar will turn into a Mana Bar:


This above image shows that I have 85 Mana remaining.

When you pick up an Experience Orb - the Mana Bar will revert back to an Experience bar:


The Above Picture shows I am at Level two with a little bit of Experience.

If for any reason you cannot see you current Mana Level, you can use the command /mana

Mana will gradually be restored automatically. But there are some substances in Templehelm that can boost your Mana instantly. What these substances are will need to be discovered in-game.

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