Sword of Kae

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The Sword of Kae

The Sword of Kae, Lahd NaThy, or The Sword of Knowleadge, is an ancient artifact of the God of Knowledge Kae. The sword was forged in a Thyvor; a library shrine to Kae, in the Ancient times. The sword is said to heighten the senses of the wielder. The sword belonged to a Thyvorian (a devotte of Kae), however when Kae's power dwindled, the Owner of the sword hid it deep beneath the Thyvor. Slowly, the Thyvor fell to ruin, until the City Thyvor as we know it was founded by a group of Scholars who were doing research on Kae. As Legend goes, they stumbled upon the ruins of the Thyvor and decided to rebuild it to its former glory. The library (Appropriately named Thyvor) became a popular destination of scholars from all over the land, and brought many curious and wise people. Over time, as people decided to settle near the library, a small community started to form. Because of the high volume of scholars and knowledge-loving people who travelled here, the majority of those who settled were in fact scholars, and this explains why the modern culture of Thyvor values learning and curiosity so much. And so the Great Empire of Thyvor grew. The sword was forgotten, until it was found by a Thyvorian, Rythes Thrarin.


Rythes Thrarin walked slowly along the pathways of Thyvor, whistling to himself, and enjoying the beautiful surroundings of the great city. It's was early yet, but he could already hear the clanging of metal from the smithy. He smiled, glad that his friend Rannould, the Thyvorian smith, was busy at work. He came soon to the smithy, and called a greeting to his friend. "Greetings! I see your working away! How goes it?" Rannould stopped his work and laid his hammer down. "Very well! I have almost repaired it! Not long now. Tell me, how did you come to find it? It's is a very fine sword indeed!" Rythes sat down on a nearby anvil, and began his tale....

"I was taking a stroll in the Inner Sanctum only a few days back. I had just added my book to the Thyvorian Archives, and was just going to leave, when I happened to notice the door to the kings chamber was open, (he often leaves it open out of convinience). This was nothing of interest, except I noticed that there was a crack in the stone in the hallway leading to the chambers. Curious, I went to take a look. There seemed to be something glowing from within it. By now I was well used to the Silverfish that inhaibited the Sanctum, so I drove my sword into it. I was truly suprised when I heard the clang of metel hitting off metal. I used my hand pick to chip a hole through which I was able to get my hand. I reached into the hole, and drew out a sword of Diamond. It was glowing, and holding it I could almost hear it whisper to me. I knew what I was holding was of true significence. It felt ancient. It radiated pure power. However it was badly damaged, due to time I suppose, so I took it to you. Afterwards, I went to see The librarian, and Tyger. When they heard my tale, we went and shearched the Library for a vloume that spoke of such a sword. Eventaully, We found it." Rythes looked up, and said, "I found the lengendary sword of Kae. I found Lahd Na'Thy, The Sword of Knowleadge."

There was silence for a moment, then Rannould spoke. "That is.... incridable! That sword has been lost for centuries!" "Indeed. It is a truly amazing find." Rannould looked over at the sword. "To think I've been hammering away at it all morning!" Rythes smiled, and stood up. "Well my friend, I must be off." "Farewell, Rythes".

Rythes continuded his stroll, and as he walked away, he heard the sound of metal on metal, and thought about what he had found. "The gods are truly with me." Looking up, he smiled. "I must fetch Alluin".

The Repowering

Alluin, Thyvorian Enchanter, looked up at his brother. Rythes looked at him. "Are you ready?" "I think so", he awnsered. Behind him, Emporer Durand Nelson and Lord Tyger McEldra, stopped their hushed confersation, and gathered around the Sword, which Rythes had laid on the Enchanting table. Rannould stood nearby, studing the group carefully. Alluin layed his hand on the sword. There was a flash of light, and the group looked away, blinded. Looking back, they saw Alluin remove his hand from the sword. "It's…. it's ready"

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