The Chicahua People

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The Chicahua People - Field notes:

Indigenous to the Metzli valley, a hallowed location deep in the heart of the jungle, the Chicahua tribe honors the land with marked beliefs. Devoted to the Wild Mother, the breathing of winds, and the stone beneath their feet, the Chicahua also provide a special credence to the stars that revolve above the tree tops. The chieftan of the tribe, and the first to feel the embrace of the Metzli valley, is a young orc named Udoril. Although Udoril and his tribe appear to lead a facile, and uncomplicated life, there is an undeniable aurora of secrecy about their ways, their clandestine actions are only known to sworn members of the Chicahua.

However, outsider observation has led to a few conclusions listed below:

• Celestial patterns are carefully recorded, and sometimes celebrated amongst the people.

• The tribe looks to the stars for some kind of guidance, making decisions on what they “tell” them, like when to plant their crops.

• Wildaven, Cavilon, and Zelphair are the tribes’ respected “gods”.

• The tribe doesn’t take aggression to other tribes, yet they seem very motivated to maintain an edge in combat.

• Although the Chicahua appreciate isolation, they hold education and social awareness very highly.

• The Metzli valley’s condition is very important, and the tribe seeks to give back what they receive.

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