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Time... Thats all there is in this world, Time... Things happen in... Time... Change happens in... Time... Land, populations, entitys, deities, and most of all, factions. All change with... Time... In time, Tribes turn to Kingdoms, and in time, Kingdoms turn to Empires... and in time, Empires fall... Many have already fallen, and much more have risen.

Draco Venator, The dragon hunter of the realm, Sartori.

Armistice, the peacekeepers of the realm, hated by some, but liked by many.

Varden, a hardy people, a great kingdom. Withen the desert, their city lies, surronded by great walls, and a fantastic diversaty...

DarkHaven, a faction that follows the god Zeolix. It is what defines the very faction. It seeks to unite the world under Zeolix, a hard job, as the other kingdoms prove a respectful, and powerful, enemy.

Power verys, deities intrests changes, people come and go. Smaller factions absorbed into larger ones, or become one themselves. New people, for their own reasons, enter the land, in search of adventure or fourton. Sometimes, they enter by accident. All of his, and much more, tips the balance, tips the events, into one side or another. With this balance of factions, of power, of people, forges a story... A story created by everyone... The queston is though... what will this story tell? It will all be revealed... In... Time....

~Edited, Samuel

~Edited, Sphr

- souleater007

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