The Four Spirits

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There is said to be four chosen souls. They were chosen by Planu. Planu held them back from passing through to the "other side".-Text is too faded to read- Their purpose, to serve Planu. They watch over the denizens of Templehelm, and give guidance to all.-Text is too faded to read- They are the Oracles of Planu. Each of the four spirits are represented as an animal, as seen below.

The Listener - Owl = Hears everything.

The Wanderer - Fox = Collects knowledge.

The Seer - Ocelot = Sees the future.

The Seeker - Hound = Can find anything.

The four spirits are said to only appear as white misty figures, as they have no physical body.-Text is too faded to read- Each is said to speak through the wind. When one is chosen, it is said all in the land can hear it's whisper.

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