The Golden Finch

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Please note: The Finch no longer exists due to the Deiotakas.

A popular tavern, with a bar and rooms for sale. Owned by Yelrich, who is currently absent, and run by bartenders, hired by Yelrich.

Location, History, and Description

Found conveniently near the center of Planu Heath, it is on the road from the ruined Planu temple, with the Templehelm Library just down the road.

The current Golden Finch is actually a rebuilding of the original tavern, as it had been wrecked by a wayward ghast that managed to find it's way into the Heath and then preceded to take offense at the structure.

The new Golden Finch possesses rooms for sale (although they are currently sold out), ale, and other people to talk to, a luxury in a land where you can travel to one side of the land to the other, and hardly meet a handful of people.

Yelrich, the owner

Yelrich is the owner of the Golden Finch, and a useful man to know. He often alerts the people at the bar to any bounties or jobs that have come into his knowledge, paying people to do them. He is currently on a well-deserved break and it is unknown when he shall return.

Official Bartenders

As Yelrich is on a break from the Golden Finch, he needed some assistants to keep the Finch running. These people were hired by him to do so:

Best_At_Black, fangflyer, EnvyingOyster, and poursa

Any other people that may be selling things there are not authorized and are there to earn money.

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